Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Guide To Pure Vivisector

A guide to a small ass with knives


Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Guide To Pure Vivisector

Greetings ladies and people.

I was recently asked to multiclass a vivisector with a scaled paladin. I slightly disagree with this idea.

In this guide, I will explain the principles of the class, why the vivisector is imbanecontrast and why any multiclass is a dead-end path of development. Purposefully I did not create a vivisector (since in any game, when I take something too strong, I feel gagging), but glory to Urgatoa, I am not a stupid Baphomet humanist, but an intellectually developed crusader engineer, I know how to add numbers and I know how this intricate game works, so I’ll write everything down by numerical values. Perhaps later I will use this material to write my thesis.

Character Creation

Race: Halfling

Halfling has +2 agility and some hidden stats. It has +1 to defense and +1 to hitting accuracy due to its size, it’s like getting 2 more agility as a gift. It also has +4 stealth due to its size.

Racial inheritance:

  • Hasty has increased speed and initiative bonus. Until we start walking, we do not have an agility defense bonus, so the initiative bonus will not be superfluous.
  • Normal – has a +2 bonus against horror, so as not to scramble at the sight of a dragon

Biography: Pickpocket or any weapon wielding you wish to use to gain +1 Accuracy per Mastery.

Attribute points:

  • Forces 5 sometimes n * zdyuk will be capricious that he is tired and his legs hurt, but if you put a belt on + to all physical characteristics, he will shut up
  • Лвк 20 main characteristic (your captain is obvious)
  • You 16
  • Int 16 is responsible for the size of the AI ​​book … the difficulty of saving throws against vivisector openings, so you can’t underestimate too low
  • Мдр 7
  • See 9

Skill points: we will have no equal in cheating and stealth, the rest of the spread depends on what is missing in the party. Mobility can also be taken into account.


Holy Trinity




Small-sized to taste, red hair






31 Farast


20 levels of Vivisector Alchemist

Required and useful traits

Required features:

  • Skillful use of weapons (accuracy comes from Lvk)
  • Dual weapon
  • The power of two hands
  • Dual Weapon +
  • Dual Weapon ++
  • Confident possession of weapons

To get the damage from Dvk you need to take Mythical Mastery or find a flexible light cannon

Useful traits:

  • Traits to crits
  • Unrestrained onslaught
  • Evasion
  • Easy to get off

Harmful traits:

  • Improved Sneak Attack – You have a full progression of sneak attacks. The number of sneak attacks per thief level and this trait cannot exceed half your level. This trait will not work.
  • You may be attracted by Piranha Punch. This trait is needed by classes that have a BMA progression of 20 over 20 levels and do not have sneak attacks. Firstly, they can afford it, and secondly, it is their only source of damage.
    We have BMA 15 for 20 levels, which means we have 3 attacks with the main weapon:
    1 attack with a bonus of 15 accuracy
    2 attack with a bonus of 10 accuracy
    3 attack with a bonus of 5 accuracy
    With this feature, the last attacks will fly into milk, and with them all progression of sneak attacks.
    The task of any thief class is to maximize accuracy. The thief juggles the accuracy of blows the whole game, like the magician juggles the complexity of spells, and the tank defense

Vivisector discoveries

  • Wild mutagen- +1 attack
  • Wings – +3 armor
  • Great mutagen
  • Superior mutagen
  • Dispelling attack – there are a lot of permanent buffs on bosses and dispelling has become more than relevant
  • Crippling blow
  • the rest to taste


Vivisector’s book:

1 circle: Reducing humanoid, hasty retreat, shield, sure blow

2 circle: Oak skin, feline grace, blurry, animal aspect: raccoon and raptor

3 circle: Haze, heroism, animal aspect Supreme, there are collective defenses and acceleration, but usually they are cast by other supports

4 circle: False life Higher, invisibility Higher, freedom of movement

5 circle: someone explain in the comments why 5 circle of vivisector is so useless

6 circle: Transformation (In addition to everything that is written there increases our BMA to 20 by 20 level = +5 accuracy and additional attack)

Support books:

Since we are melee DDs, we need buffs for both defense and attack

Magic armor (due to great dexterity we will not wear armor, we will be buffed with a spell), shield of faith, oak skin, heroism OR good hope OR heroism Supreme, situational protection from poisons and elements, acceleration.

Debuffs, chains and blindness on enemies will greatly increase our accuracy


I was offered a multiclass with a scaled paladin to increase survivability.

20 Lvk, 19 Har As a result, we get several units of protection and saving throws, NOOOOOOOOOOOO …

  • We will have to cut Int and Vyn, which will affect survivability, reduce the number of casts per day, and reduce the difficulty of our vivisector wounds.
  • We’ll have to pump the charisma we don’t need at the expense of survivability
  • We will lag ALL THE GAME on the level of the book
  • We will trim our sneak attack progression by 2d6 for the ENTIRE GAME
  • We will be 2 Vivisector openings for the ENTIRE GAME.

To summarize … for the sake of a few units of armor, our killer will run as if he is 3 levels smaller than the rest.

Mixing a scaled paladin and a vivisector is like getting into a fan of the Catopes cartoon, taking your cat, your neighbor’s dog and glue their asses with Moment glue.

The only multiclass that I am ready to accept is a multiclass with a Thief:

lvl 4 Thief (or Knife Master Thief ) +16 lvl Vivisector Alchemist He looks more than imbalanced For 4 thief levels you will get:

  • Free Weapon Skill
  • Free skill training
  • Dodge (with your reflexes and halfling talents this = immunity to AOE spells)
  • Incredible evasion
  • 2 thieves’ tricks, among which there is a Tiring attack that cuts you Out = fortitude (your necromancer with tears of joy in his eyes will whisper “thank you” to you)
  • And the most delicious is the Weakening Wound (-4 defense against attacks of the thief = getting 8 agility from the air)

There are so many bonuses that it would be a sin to complain about the lag in the book.


We have created a microchelika for the reduction of a humanoid, which, under Acceleration, Transformation and Wild mutagen, will inflict 9 attacks (9 CARL!) Per round with maximum overclocked accuracy, a sneak attack is tied to each attack. Under the Sure blow spell or the buff of a personal priest-nanny with a domain of luck (Zosiel has it), he will never miss at all (the cheliks smiled under the haze).

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Guide To Pure Vivisector


The choice of what you will poke at the enemy depends only on your BDSM preferences.If

you are a fan of perversions, now it is possible to take spiked shields in each hand and hit the enemy in the face with them

Or you can do a ranged DD and take a dart in each hand

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Guide To Pure Vivisector that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Anka Dahl. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.