Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Crusade Mode Strategy

This Crusade Mode guide for Wrath of the Righteous is written not from a tactical perspective where one is told how much of one unit to make and what formations to use. Instead, this guide aims to provide as much information as possible to help the player create and execute a strategic plan to successfully raise armies and defeat the demonic forces of the Worldwound.

As fair warning there are SPOILERS in this guide.


This guide was written purely out of spite for Crusade mode, which is a combination of Kingmaker’s Kingdom Management mode and Heroes of Might & Magic III. Much like Kingmaker’s Kingdom Management mode it felt like a massive disconnect from the main game and the drama found therein. Unlike Heroes of Might & Magic III the strategy is also very bland and uninteresting.

Nonetheless, it is incredibly important to the game that you come to grips with Crusade mode because to play in Auto mode (which was not even originally present) is to roll the dice and it will guarantee you are locked out of certain outcomes, such as the secret ending. With any luck this guide will provide a safeguard from you, the player, pulling out your hair.

One other important note: this guide is written under the assumption that your character is NOT playing as a Lich or a Swarm-That-Walks. The latter is a guaranteed lock-out from Crusade mode and the former has mechanics that may not align with that is written here. If anyone wants to contribute to a Lich Crusade in this gude feel free to comment.

Without further ado, the Crusade awaits!

Author’s Tactics Summed Up

While this guide is meant more to help players plan out the development of their individual Crusade rather than tell players how to fight their individual battles, I can at least provide the general tactics and decisions I’ve used because those have flavored how I’ve written this guide.

  • My “best” armies are made up of large numbers of archers and cavalry, usually Marksmen and Hedge Knights respectively, and are led by generals with Master of Maneuver and Caravan Masters.
  • My archers fire first and knock out spellcasters and ranged units first, then whittle down melee troops. Any survivors are tied up in melee by cavalry.
  • My cities, once sorted out by teleport hubs and defensive chokepoints, are given Garrison Stables and Garrison Ranges to boost production. Archers get damage and HP boosts, Cavalry get HP and AC boosts.
  • Regardless of roleplay motivations my Council decisions and decrees are meant to find additional boosts.
  • I keep at least four armies, three of which play zone defense in key areas and the fourth of which is my hammer to bash the demonic forces.
  • Infantry are emergency Cavalry.

If your individual play style goes counter to this you can choose and adjust accordingly! This way has worked pretty well for me.

Act 2: A Humorously Brief Instruction

The Crusade mode “officially” begins in Act 2, just after you retake the Gray Garrison and have a rousing celebration in the tavern. You are appointed as Knight Commander, given an expeditionary force, and are commanded to go forth and retake Drezen. Sounds simple enough, right?

It more or less is, as it turns out. You can only recruit a handful of units, plus a few more types after some development during Act 2, and the annoyances of city development and being counter-attacked are totally absent. The trick is to build up as large of a single consolidated army as you can, ensure it has a general, and use that army to take over all the territory available in Act 2.

The two primary concerns that affect the rest of the game are how you handle Leper’s Smile and whether you go to rescue the Hellknights, both of which happen after you conquer the first fort (Vilareth Ford’s Outpost). It is strongly advised that you rescue the Hellknights and recruit Regill into your party as he will open up some good options later and it is strongly advised that you kill the Bug Queen in Leper’s Smile ASAP and burn the corpse immediately.

Eventually you should make it to Drezen, hopefully with as many party members in tow as possible, and by the time you’re done with Act 2 most of your gang will be ready to join you for the REAL Crusade Mode experience.

The 20 Most Important Spots

When you’re making your expedition from Kenabres to Drezen in Act 2 you don’t get a full appreciation for just how large the map is, you don’t have to worry about any counter-attacks from any direction, and as long as you have soldiers to throw out at enemy armies and forts you can clear out the map at your own pace without any sense of urgency.

The instant you move into Act 3, though, the world begins to open up drastically and there is a lot of territory to cover and account for. The good news, for the most part, is that as long as you have a strong army to play offense and a strong army to play defense you can also take your time to clear out the map of enemy forces. The bad news is that without proper planning you could be caught with your pants down by an approaching enemy army, especially when there are hundreds of points on the map to consider.

Luckily, there is a pattern to how the enemy operates and to where certain Crusade Quests take place and all the territory on the map can, for Crusade purposes, be narrowed down to 20 specific dots. Those points are specified below and are noted for their importance. Points 12 and 16-20 are only reachable on foot in Act 5. All red arrows are the direction enemies are confirmed to attack from, all red squares are confirmed enemy spawn points.

Act 3 Locations

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Crusade Mode Strategy
  • 1 – Drezen – The single most important location throughout the game’s Crusade mode. This is the city where you enable the recruitment of trainable units, where your adventuring party can rest and remove corruption, a primary quest hub, and the ultimate target for any and every invading demon army that spawns on the map. Unfortunately, it is totally exposed to invading armies from the west.
  • 2 – Keeper’s Canyon – The sole fort south of Drezen and the last buffer from any invading army that comes from the south.
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Crusade Mode Strategy
  • 3 – Vilareth Ford’s Outpost – While not important from an army standpoint, this city is the closest city to three quest locations: Nameless Ruin, Chilly Creek, and Kenabres.
  • 4 – Stone Maze – The fort between Wintersun and Keeper’s Canyon is a key chokepoint that prevents invading armies from the south from getting closer to Drezen.
  • 5 – During Act 5 a friendly Crusader army will spawn here during the Crusade Errand “Blockade of Reinforcements”, which must be completed to advance the Military Council.
  • 6 – During Act 5 an enemy army will spawn here during the Crusade Errand “Blockade of Reinforcements”, which must be completed to advance the Military Council.
  • 7 – During Act 5 an enemy army will spawn here during the Crusade Errand “Khorramzadeh’s Trap”, which must be completed to advance the Military Council.
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Crusade Mode Strategy
  • 8 – Gloomy Gorge – This fort, while unfortunately located, is still a key defensive position against invading armies from its northwest and southwest.
  • 9 – During Act 3 an enemy army will spawn at this point during the Crusade Errand “Repelling the Assault”, which must be completed to advance the Military Council. This army will head slowly towards Drezen until defeated.
  • 10 – This is one of four confirmed spawn points that invader armies will spawn from. It will sometimes try to attack Gloomy Gorge and it will sometimes just go around Gloomy Gorge.
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Crusade Mode Strategy
  • 11 – Camp on the Ferry – This fort is ideally situated to block attacks that come from Iz and from Pulura’s Fall and for that same reason is an ideal fort to teleport to.
  • 12 – Pulura’s Fall is a confirmed spawn point for invading enemy armies, who will sometimes attack Camp on the Ferry and will sometimes make a straight march towards Drezen. You and your armies cannot march to this point until Act 5.
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Crusade Mode Strategy
  • 13 – Tower of Yath – The closest fort to The Heart of Mystery and also the single closest point to a confirmed enemy spawn point, this will completely plug southern invasions from the source.
  • 14 – This point is a confirmed spawn point for invading armies, capturing Tower of Yath will completely cut this point off attack.
  • 15 – During Act 3 an enemy army will spawn at this point during the Crusade Errand “Storms Peak” which is not technically required to continue advancing the Military Council but should still be cleared out.

Act 5 Locations

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Crusade Mode Strategy
  • 16 – Necromancer’s Grave – While it is not important from an army standpoint it is the closest fort to three quest locations during Act 5. Could also be interchanged with Tyrant’s Keep.
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Crusade Mode Strategy
  • 17 – The Castle of Desires – This fort is ideally situated between several quest locations and is a guaranteed blocker to invading armies that come from Threshold in Act 5.
  • 18 – Last Barrier – The closest fort to Threshold, the final quest location in the game. One could fortify this location, but it is not confirmed whether invading armies spawn at Threshold or at this location. It is recommended to fortify The Castle of Desires instead.
  • 19 – During Act 5 an enemy army will spawn at this point during the Crusade Errand “Champions of the Abyss” which must be completed in order to conclude the Military Council.
  • 20 – This point is a confirmed spawn point for invading armies, capturing Camp on the Ferry will cut this point off from the map

City Planning: What to Build and Where

During the course of the Crusade you will attack enemy forts, which are identical to armies except that 1) your adventuring party cannot ignore and travel past them and 2) will reward you with a city to develop by constructing buildings in. The ultimate goal of the Crusade is to reclaim all twenty forts and then close the Worldwound, but some prove to be more important than others during the course of the game and need to be developed as such.

All buildings in the game can be broken down into six categories:

  • Teleportation Circle
  • Citadel
  • Recruitment Buildings
  • Upgrade Buildings
  • Economy Buildings
  • Shelter

Teleportation Circles are what allow your party to instantly teleport from anywhere on the map to a specific city, and require at least one city ugrade (4 squares to 9 squares) to be built. These are your highest priority, since there can only be six at most.

Citadels are unique buildings in that they add time to how long any given city can block an invading army, which will be needed to move an army to counter it ASAP. Key defensive cities require this building and are a close second.

Recruitment Buildings are the buildings that enable the training of non-Mercenary units and subsequently improve the weekly growth rate, so the more the better. After Teleportation Circles and Citadels these are your best buildings, as large armies are the best way to defeat enemy armies.

Upgrade Buildings add specific bonuses to your individual units or to your generals, and some of them require direct adjacency (touching sides, touching corners don’t count) in order to apply. If you choose your units and upgrades carefully they will significantly improve your units, but should only be built once the previous types are built or unless you have specific aims.

Economy Buildings simply increase the amount of Finance Points, Materials Points, and Energy Points gained on a daily basis. Over the course of the game your incomes grow substantially as-is, so building these should be on an as-needed basis.

And finally, Shelters. On paper a Shelter sounds decent: resting on the travel map in a city with a Shelter won’t increase your corruption gain. In practice, this is completely redundant as you can teleport to Drezen to remove all corruption and then go back to wherever you were. You should avoid building these unless you’re in a completely distant location and unwilling to go back to Drezen.

All of those considered, the below table is my recommended build priority for all of the cities in the game. If you are in Act 3 and see a city name on this table that isn’t on your map you either haven’t claimed it yet or it is not available to claim until Act 5.

City and Build Priority

City NameTeleportation Circle RecommendedCitadel RecommendedRecruitment Buildings RecommendedUpgrade Buildings RecommendedEconomy Buildings Recommended
DrezenYes (Mandatory)Yes (Mandatory)Yes (Mandatory)As AvailableAs Needed
Camp on the FerryYesYesYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Tower of YathYesYesYesAs AvailableAs Needed
The Castle of DesiresYesYesYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Vilareth Ford’s OutpostYesNoYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Necromancer’s GraveYesNoYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Keeper’s CanyonNoYesYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Stone MazeNoYesYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Gloomy GorgeNoYesYesAs AvailableAs Needed
TreasonhomeNoMaybeYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Last BarrierNoMaybeYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Gargoyle CanyonNoNoYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Hamlet of SorkNoNoYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Sorcerers’ FortressNoNoYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Tyrant’s KeepNoNoYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Mountain WardenNoNoYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Cave CitadelNoNoYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Camp of the Mammoth LordsNoNoYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Sinister MansionNoNoYesAs AvailableAs Needed
Death BridgeNoNoYesAs AvailableAs Needed

Information Table: City Buildings (WIP)

The following table is the list of buildings as best as I have access to. I know there are some buildings missing altogether and cost data missing for some buildings I have, so for the time being this is a Work-In-Progress.

Teleportation Circle500/200/301 Teleportation CircleAllows party to teleport here from anywhere on mapNo 
Citadel300/100/02 CitadelAdds 3 days to siege timerNo 
Garrison Archery Range200/80/03 Recruitment+25% growth for trainable ArchersNoCannot be built if Inn is present
Garrison Barracks250/50/03 Recruitment+25% growth for trainable InfantryNoCannot be built if Inn is present
Garrison Hall of Champions1000/1000/03 Recruitment+25% growth for trainable VeteransNoCannot be built if Inn is present
Garrison Spellcasters’ Lodge250/250/103 Recruitment+25% growth for trainable SpellcastersNoCannot be built if Inn is present
Garrison Stables150/88/03 Recruitment+25% growth for trainable CavalryNoCannot be built if Inn is present
Hall of Glory1200/300/03 RecruitmentMercenary Recruitment 5% cheaperNo 
Main Archery Range500/250/03 RecruitmentEnables training of Archer troopsNoOnly 1 total, Drezen only
Main Barracks500/200/03 RecruitmentEnables training of Infantry troopsNoOnly 1 total, Drezen only
Main Hall of Champions5000/2500/03 RecruitmentEnables training of Veteran troopsNoOnly 1 total, Drezen only, Act 5
Main Spellcasters’ Lodge850/750/253 RecruitmentEnables training of Spellcaster troopsNoOnly 1 total, Drezen only
Main Stables1000/500/03 RecruitmentEnables training of Cavalry troopsNoOnly 1 total, Drezen only
Mercenary Guild2000/400/03 RecruitmentCan recruit 1 additional mercenary unitNo 
Stronghold (Lann) 3 Recruitment+25% Recruitable Unit GrowthNoOnly 1 total, Act 5
Stronghold (Wenduag) 3 RecruitmentMercenary Recruitment 12.5% cheaperNoOnly 1 total, Act 5
Alchemist’s Laboratory500/50/04 Upgrade+10 Energy for GeneralsNo 
Apothecary450/110/54 Upgrade+10 HP for trainable unitsYes 
Arsenal150/150/04 Upgrade+1 AC for trainable unitsYes 
Bulletin Board 4 Upgrade+2% chance to act twice, -2% chance to skip actionNo 
Cathedral 4 UpgradeAll units: +15% HP, +3 attack, +3 AC, and +10 damage vs demonsNoOnly 1 total, Act 5
Fighting Pit 4 Upgrade+1 initiative for trainable unitsYes 
Gallows 4 Upgrade-3% chance to skip actionNo 
Hall of Strategy2000/500/504 UpgradeGenerals get +1 Attack, +1 AC, and +2 EnergyNo 
Hospital350/60/04 UpgradeGenerals get +5% infirmary sizeNo 
Military Academy3500/400/254 Upgrade+1 bonus to attack, AC, and saving throw for all trainable unitsNo 
Monument 4 Upgrade+5% chance to act twiceNo 
Pathfinder Society Lodge7500/100/104 Upgrade+1 bonus to attack, AC, and saving throw for all mercenary unitsNo 
Smithy350/125/04 Upgrade+1 attack for trainable unitsYes 
Spiritual Garden 4 Upgrade+25 combat morale for all units, +50% generals’ energy recovery, +20 %mythic unit recruitmentNoOnly 1 total, Act 5
Tavern1000/150/04 Upgrade10% reduction in morale status effectsNo 
Training Grounds325/50/04 Upgrade+10% damage for trainable unitsYes 
Watchtower250/75/04 Upgrade+1 bonus to attack, AC, saving throw, and initiative for all unitsNoOnly applies to region town is in
Engineers’ Workshop2000/300/05 EconomyBuilding Cost reduced by 10%NoOnly 1 total
Inn400/200/05 Economy+200 Finance PointsNoCannot be built if any Garrison buildings are present
Market 5 Economy+20 Finance Points, +1 Materials PointsNo 
Palace 5 Economy+25% Finance, Materials, and Energy PointsNoOnly 1 total, Act 5
Salvager’s Post 5 Economy+1 Materials and Energy PointsNo 
Sanctuary250/250/105 Economy+4 Energy PointsNo 
Shrine 5 Economy+10 Finance Points, +1 Energy PointNo 
Supply Center100/50/05 Economy+3 Material PointsNo 
Warehouse 5 Economy+100 Finance Points (Inn), +1 Material Point (Supply Center), +1 Energy Point (Sanctuary)Yes 
Shelter200/150/156 ShelterAllows party to rest without increasing corruptionNoNot Recommended

Crusade Stats and Councils

Like in Kingmaker, your progress through the Crusade is tracked by individual statistics, which have mercifully been reduced from ten down to four:

Leadership = The overall effectiveness of your command during the Crusade, which is increased from a number of sources including Card events, fighting and winning battles, etc.

Logistics = The underpinning supply lines to building up your crusade, this stat is primarily increased by constructing buildings in your cities.

Diplomacy = How influential you are to the rest of the world, this stat increases passively over time and can be increased by purchasing Finance and Materials Points out of your own gold wallet.

Military = How large and powerful your overall might is, as it is increased by the recruitment of units and hiring of mercenaries.

In Wrath of the Righteous, instead of appointing a single companion to be an advisor for each and every stat, there are four councils that are chaired by NPCs and supported by up to three or four of your companions, depending on which ones are in your party during Act 3 and Act 5. The councils compositions are listed below:

Leadership: Captain Harmattan (NPC), Seelah, Regill, Daeran

Logistics: Dorgelinda Stranglehold (NPC), Arueshalae, Lann, Wenduag, Woljif

Diplomacy: Lady Konomi (NPC), Daeran, Lann, Sosiel, Woljif

Military: Captain Odan (NPC), Greybor, Regill, Seelah, Wenduag

You have to be mindful that the companions in question must be in your party for each and every meeting, so in some special circumstances you are guaranteed to not have every available companion. For example: while it is possible to recruit Lann in Act 1 and Wenduag in Act 3 it won’t be possible for them both to be in Act 5, so if you want Wenduag’s later options be sure to reject her in Act 3 so she joins in Act 5.

Every Council’s events are tied to that specific Crusade Stat rank, and starting at Rank 1 means there are a total of 7 rank up events (8 if you count a handful of follow-up events).

Leadership Council: Only the Best and Brightest!

Several of your armies’ unit upgrades come from this Council, which is headed by The Rock Captain Harmattan. If you want unit bonuses, bonuses for your generals, or even morale bonuses this is the place to come. Except when Harmattan turns traitor, then they come from one of his aides. There’s a lot more to it in the game.

Act 3

Level 2: Repeatable DecreeEffectDurationCompanion Required
Glory to the Heroes5-10 MoraleInstantSeelah
Hunting Down Mutiny16-25 Morale, -10% Recruitment Growth, +10% Mercenary CostInstantRegill
Bribes for the Officers15-20 MoraleInstantDaeran
Distributing Provisions10-15 MoraleInstantN/A

Author’s Choice: Any. The only thing that changes is how much each one costs, but given that the best morale boosts come from winning battles the decrees are largely redundant.

Level 3: Generals BonusEffectCompanion Required
Pious Officers+10% Infirmary SizeSeelah
Striving for Distinction+10% Experience BonusRegill
Master of Maneuver+1 Army Unit SizeDaeran
Heroic Officers+5 Combat Morale BonusN/A

Author’s Choice: Pious Officers or Master of Maneuver. If your army takes a lot of hits better unit recovery is important, otherwise having more units in your army is wonderful.

Level 4: Repeatable DecreeEffectDurationCompanion Required
Preachers+7% Recruitment Growth20 DaysSeelah
Refugees’ Recruitment+20% Recruitment Growth, -20 Crusade Morale14 DaysRegill
Generous Recruiters+1 Available Mercenary Unit14 DaysDaeran
Royal Conscription+10% Recruitment Growth14 DaysN/A

Author’s Choice: Preachers. The 7% growth over 20 days is higher than anything else provided.

Level 5: City BuildingEffectCompanion Required
Monument+5% bonus to act twice with high moraleSeelah
Gallows-3% bonus to skipping turn with low moraleRegill
Tavern-10% reduction to all morale effectsDaeran
Bulletin Board+2% bonus to act twice with high morale and -2% bonus to skipping turn with low moraleN/A

Author’s Choice: Monument or Bulletin Board. Bonuses to acting twice with high morale are better than the alternatives.

Act 5

Level 6: Generals BonusEffectCompanion Required
Charismatic OfficersUnits start with +15 combat morale bonusSeelah
Strict OfficersUnits gain +3 bonus to combat morale when damagedRegill
Intimidating OfficersEnemies start with -15 combat morale penaltyDaeran
Negotiations with the WaryN/A, Crusde morale reduces by 25N/A
Persistent OfficersUnits gain +1 combat morale bonus per turnN/A

Author’s Choice: Charismatic Officers. The initial high boost to morale works well with strong armies. I’d recommend never negotiating with the Wary.

Level 7: Generals BonusEffectCompanion Required
Relic Keeper (Level 20)+15 General PowerSeelah
Brilliant Strategist+15% Damage for Archers and InfantryRegill
Noble Recruits+20% Damage for Cavalry and ElitesDaeran
Universal Support (non-General)+100 Finance, +5 Materials, +4 EnergyN/A

Author’s Choice: Brilliant Strategist or Noble Recruits. Damage bonus to archers or cavalry outweighs the other options.

Level 8: Repeatable DecreeEffectCompanion Required
Feast of the Sacred HostGenerals gain +1 Heavenly Ward for 30 DaysSeelah
Military ExerciseGenerals gain 50k experience, ranged units gain +20% damage to infantry, infantry units gain +20% damage to cavalry, cavalry units gain +20% damage to archersRegill
Dark BondsGenerals gain +1 Mighty Servant featDaeran
Great CommemorationRandom Army is recruited instantlyN/A

Author’s Choice: Great Commemoration or Military Exercise. If you have many generals the latter is best, otherwise a new army can tip the scales.

The Level 8 Decree must be used at least once to trigger the finale event.

Finale: Alignment ShiftEffectCompanion Required
“I forgive you…”Alignment Shift: GoodN/A
“I am demoting you…”Alignment Shift: LawfulN/A
“I spared your life…”Alignment Shift: EvilN/A

This choice is purely a roleplay one, as the end result is the same: Captain Harmattan is no longer your advisor and the Council comes to an end.

Logistics Council: Keep On Building!

The Logistics Council is meant to ensure that all of your troops are armed, armored, fed, and paid, which is a hell of a job for Dorgelinda Stranglehold. This requires the establishment of supply lines and garrisons which, in crunch speak, means the more buildings you build the better your Logistics get. Most of the bonuses here are economy-based, with some military stuff in there as well.

Act 3

Level 2: Passive Unit TraitEffectUnit TypeCompanion Required
Expensive Equipment+1 Attack and AC BonusTrainableWoljif
Ready for Anything+2 Saving Throw BonusTrainableArueshalae
Experiences Intendants+10% HP BonusTrainableLann
Only the Essentials+10% HP BonusMercenaryWenduag
Equipment from the State+1 Attack and Saving Throw BonusMercenaryN/A

Author’s Choice: Expensive Equipment or Experienced Intendants. Anything that increases the survival factor of my core units is phenomenal.

Level 3: City BuildingEffectCompanion Required
Market+20 Finance Points, +1 Materials PointWoljif
Shrine+10 Finance Points, +1 Energy PointArueshalae
Salvager’s Post+1 Materials Point, +1 Energy PointLann
Fighting Pit+1 Initiative Bonus for Adjacent Trainable Unit BuildingsWenduag
Warehouse+100 Finance Points (by Inn), +1 Material Point (by Supply Center), +1 Energy Point (by Sanctuary)N/A

Author’s Choice: Shrine or Salvager’s Post. The Energy Point is the primary factor here.

Level 4: Specific BonusEffectCompanion Required
FavortismGenerals gain +33% experienceWoljif
Reminder of Piety+7 Energy PointsArueshalae
Fighting the Marauders+20 Materials PointsLann
Hired Caravan Guards-5% Mercenary CostWenduag
Caravan Masters+15 Movement Points for GeneralsN/A

Author’s Choice: Caravan Masters. The ability for general-led armies to move 37.5% farther in a day is critical in closing large distances, especially when forts are under attack. Reminder of Piety is a distant second.

Level 5: Crusade BonusEffectCompanion Required
Insiders in the Field+10 Finance Points and +1 Materials Point per controlled regionWoljif
Demonstration of Mercy+33% morale bonus to Finance, Materials, and Energy PointsArueshalae
Demonstration of RigorGenerals that defeat armies produce +1000 Finance PointsLann
Demonstration of RigorGenerals that defeat armies produce +1000 Finance PointsWenduag
Demonstration of Loyalty+5% bonus to Finance, Materials, and Energy PointsN/A

Author’s Choice: Demonstration of Mercy or Demonstration of Loyalty. Demonstration of Rigor is a hard pass as you will eventually run out of armies to defeat and Insiders in the Field neglects Energy production.

Act 5

Leve 6: Repeatable DecreeEffectDurationCompanion Required
Tricky StealAdds 10% -or- 10k Finance Points, whichever is lowerInstantWoljif
Acquiring Unclaimed PropertyAdds 750 Materials PointsInstantArueshalae
Selling Excesses / Distribution of Trophies2250 Finance Points / 220 Materials PointsInstantLann
Warehouse RaidingAdds 10k Finance, 600 Materials, 65 EnergyOne-Time OnlyWenduag
Corruption+120 Finance, +10 Materials, +2 Energy16 daysN/A
Self Confidence (Non-Decree)+10 Crusade MoraleN/AN/A

Author’s Choice: Selling Excesses & Distribution of Trophies. The ability to nearly-instantly trade off resources is surprisingly more useful than the number two choice, Corruption.

Level 7: Recruitment BonusEffectCompanion Required
Meritocracy+30% growth for Support and Elite units, -20% growth for Infantry and Archer unitsWoljif
Strength is Responsibility+30% growth for Infantry and Archer units, -20% growth for Support and Elite unitsArueshalae
Holy War+25% growth for mythic units, -15% growth for all trainable unitsLann
Paid Loyalty+2 Available Mercenary units, -15% growth for all trainable unitsWenduag
Propoganda Instead of Bread+10% growth for all trainable unitsN/A
Self Confidence (Non-Decree)+10 Crusade MoraleN/A

Author’s Choice: Propoganda Instead of Bread or Strength is Responsibility. Archers and Cavalry are the main stars, the other options are unattractive for me.

Level 8: Repeatable DecreeEffectDurationCompanion Required
Requisitions15k Finance, 1k Materials, -35 Crusade MoraleInstantAnyone

It doesn’t matter who is in your party and whose option you choose, all options unlock the same decree. This decree must be used to unlock the finale.

Finale: Unique BuildingEffectCompanion Required
Palace+25% Finance, Materials, and Energy IncomeWoljif
Spiritual Garden+25 combat morale bonus, +50% general energy recovery, +20% mythic unit growthArueshalae
Stronghold (Recruitable)+25% Recruitable Unit GrowthLann
Stronghold (Mercenary)Mercenary Recruitment 12.5% cheaperWenduag
CathedralAll units: +15% HP, +3 attack, +3 AC, and +10 damage vs demonsN/A

Author’s Choice: Cathedral or Stronghold (Lann). If I have Lann I take his Stronghold, if not I go with Cathedral.

Congratulations, you’ve built yourself a massive crusader presence that can generate lots of income and equipment to arm your armies!

Diplomacy Council: My Way or the Highway!

The Diplomacy Council, from a purely fluff standpoint, is there to help strengthen your relations with Queen Galfrey’s Royal Council and to extract benefits from the neighboring countries who also stand to lose a lot if the Crusade fails. Heading that council is Lady Konomi, who in the most polite of terms is a two-faced witch of a fox lady who gets upset if you ignore her options in favor of one of your companions’ options. This is also the briefest Council line in the game, has no “follow-up” stage, and can even be aborted early by choosing a specific option.

Act 3

Level 2: Repeatable DecreeEffectDurationCompanion Required
Religious Feast20% Energy Points, 10% Finance Points30 DaysSosiel
Commander’s Parade7.5% Mercenary Discount, 25% Material Points30 DaysDaeran
Helping Those In Need+10 Morale, or +20 Morale if below 010 DaysLann
Bribery20% Material Points, -10% Finance Points30 DaysWoljif
Royal Parade10% Finance Points30 DaysN/A

Author’s Choice: Religious Feast. It is a pure improvement over Royal Parade and while perhaps costlier to use it generates Energy Points, which are the hardest Crusade currency to come by.

Level 3: Mercenary UnitUnit HPUnit DamageSpells KnownImmunities/ResistancesMisc NotesCompanion Required
Inquisitors10614-16Lightning Arc, Divine FavorElectricity (10)N/ASosiel
Sorcerers264-6Scorch Ray, Grow ClawsElectricity (5)N/AN/A

Author’s Choice: Inquisitors or Sorcerers. Inquisitors are decent tanks and heavy hitters, but Sorcerers in large numbers can burn most enemies to ash with Scorch Ray. Leaning towards Inquisitors.

Level 4: Recruitment DecreeUnits RecruitedCompanion Required
Help from the Queen12 Paladins and 30 ChampionsSosiel
The Help of Noble Houses12 Cuirassiers and 20 MarksmenDaeran
People’s Help35 Light Cavalry and 75 Shield BearersLann
Royal Court’s Help15 Hedge Knights and 30 HeadhuntersWoljif
Royal Council’s Help70 Slingers and 100 ConscriptsN/A
Soldiers Trust (Non-Decree)None, +10 Crusade MoraleN/A

Author’s Choice: Royal Court’s Help, because Hedge Knights and Headhunters are a combination almost as deadly as Hedge Knights and Marksmen.

Level 5: Multiple BonusesBonus 1Bonus 2Companion Required
Andoran Equipment+6000 Finance Points+3% HP for Recruitable InfantrySosiel
Andoran Army28 Hedge Knights+3 AC for Recruitable CavalryDaeran
Greenskin Stalkers Company45 RangersRecruitable Archers inflict Saving Throw DamageLann
Free Banners28 Hedge Knights+1 AC for Mercenary UnitsWoljif
Reinforcements from the Homeland10 Cuirassers, 30 Champions, 30 Marksmen+20 Crusade MoraleN/A

Authors Choice: Andoran Army or Reinforcements from the Homeland. The Hedge Knights with +3 AC make them an even greater mobile meat grinder, but getting Marksmen with Cuirassers as a meat shield and glass cannon Champions is an acceptable alternative.

Act 5

Level 6: Item UnlockItem GainedEnchantmentCompanion Required
Gift from the High PriestRobe of Angelic Prudence+4 WIS, +4 CHA, Greater Angelic Aspect spellSosiel
Gift from the NobilityCloak of Astounding Prowess+5 Saving Throws, Killing Blow causes Blindness (Will DC)Daeran
Gift from the Mendevian GeneralsOverlord’s Chainmail+5 mithral chainmail, +7 Persuasion bonus (Intimidate)Lann
Gift from the Young KingdomElixir of Inconceivable Transmutations of Body, Soul, and MindPermanent +2 increase to all Ability Scores (consumable)Woljif
Gift from the Royal CouncilGoggles of Quick Grasp+15 Persuasion, Lore, and Knowledge ChecksN/A
Declaring Independence (Decree)N/A (Decree)+7 Generals’ Power, +100k Finance, +10k Materials, +4k EnergyN/A

Author’s Choice: Gift from the Young Kingdom. Even as a one-time consumable, gaining +2 to all ability scores permanently outstrips any individual equipment item.


Level 7: Random BonusEffectCompanion Required
Foreign AdvisorsGenerals gain +10 PowerSosiel
New Lands for the NobilityRecruitment Growth increases by 1% per captured regionDaeran
Sisters of the Golden ErinyesUnlocks Sisters of the Golden Erinyes mercenary unit, provides 8 at HQLann
Mendevian CavaliersUnlocks Mendevian Cavaliers mercenary unit, provides 6 at HQWoljif
Restoring OrderNo recruiting for 2 weeks, after which all trainable uits gain +20 combat morale bonusN/A

Author’s Choice: New Lands for the Nobility. If you were diligent and claimed all available regions in Act 3 you’ll gain 6% trainable unit growth, which is better than recruiting mercenaries or having recruitment locked out for a combat morale bonus.

Level 8: DecreeEffectCompanion Required
Glorification of the GodsAll generals learn Judgment Day (d6xPower damage to enemies, d6xPower healing to allies)Sosiel
Tax of the Righteous-50% Building Construction CostDaeran
Elections to the Royal Council-10% Mercenary unit costLann
Tieflings’ Rights+15% mythic unit growth, +5 Energy PointsWoljif
Mobilization-10% trainable unit costN/A

Author’s Choice: Mobilization or Tax of the Righteous. If there is a lot of building to be done then the Tax is more sensible, but unless you rely on mercenaries having cheaper trainable units is a great deal.

After this point your Diplomacy is maxed out and you never have to see Lady Konomi’s face ever again, unless you want to. Why would you want to?

Military Council: Middlegame (Act 3)

The Military Council, headed by the pragmatic and honorable Captain Odan, is tasked with devising the best solution to beat back the demons and to close the Worldwound forever. For all intents and purposes the main point of this Council is to decide how to upgrade your weak default units and how to empower some of them to be used to their maximum tactical potential.

When choosing a unit to upgrade a default unit into, all the unselected options (whether they were available or not) will become Mercenary units for the duration of your game.

It is also highly recommended to make sure you have all possible companions to choose from before starting this so you can find the army units and abilities that best fit your play style. Woljif, Greybor, and Wenduag can be recruited in Act 3 (if Wendy wasn’t already recruited or killed).

Level 2: Infantry UnitCost Per UnitWeekly RecruitmentUnit HitpointsUnit DamageSpells KnownImmunities/ResistancesMisc DetailCompanion Required
Shield Bearers40221645-7N/AN/ADamage Reduction 1/-Regill

Author’s Choice: Conscripts or Spearmen. By process of elimination: Shield Bearers don’t die but also don’t kill, Champions are expensive glass cannons, and Convicts (if I can even choose them) only operate well in large numbers. Conscripts are more reasonable, but Spearmen do better damage.

Level 3: Archer UnitCost Per UnitWeekly RecruitmentUnit HitpointsUnit DamageSpells KnownImmunities/ResistancesMisc DetailCompanion Required
Rangers80148518-20N/AN/ACan Melee ShootSeelah
Headhunters110115027-29N/AN/ABonus VS Ranged/Spellcasters(?)Greybor

Author’s Choice: Marksmen or Headhunters. The sheer damage increase over default archers makes Marksmen and Headhunters the ideal choice. Rangers are a decent fifth wheel alternative, but their primary selling point of being able to shoot in melee implies your archers are being caught in melee a lot. Ideally that shouldn’t happen.

CRUSADE MISSION: “Repelling the Assault”

At this point an invading army will spawn northwest of Blackwater and march slowly towards Drezen. It is required to defeat this army in order to proceed to Level 4 of the Military Council.

Level 4: Cavalry UnitCost Per UnitWeekly RecruitmentUnit HitpointsUnit DamageSpells KnownImmunities/ResistancesMisc Detail
Paladins2706979-11Smite Evil, Lay On HandsFear, DiseaseN/A
Cuirassiers24073822-4N/AN/ADamage Reduction 3/-
Hedge Knights1501215711-13N/AN/ACritical (20% chance, 1.5x damage)
Light Cavalry8522879-11N/AN/AMore Damage Per Square Moved

Author’s Choice: Hedge Knights. No contest, Hedge Knights hit the hardest and take the second-most damage. What they lack in immunities they make up for in sheer muscle.

Level 5: Unit AbilitiesEffectCompanion Required
Charge (Cavalry)Unit gains +1 speed, +20% damage, and -2 AC for 1 roundSeelah
Charge (Infantry)Unit gains +1 speed, +20% damage, and -2 AC for 1 roundRegill
Independence (Archers and Cavalry)Unit gains +2 bonus to initiative (passive)Greybor
Debilitating Poison (Infantry)Next attack by unit reduce enemy speed to 0 for 1 roundWenduag
Tough (All Units)Unit gains +2 saving throw vs disease and poisonN/A (Odan)

Author’s Choice: Independence. The improved initiative is not only passive, but archers that fire first mitigate (if not eliminate) enemy threats before they can be threats. Cavalry are also ideal for tying up enemy units so the initiative only helps them out.


At this point an enemy army will spawn just southeast of Tower of Yath. Unlike before this is just a standing army and will not move. It is not technically required to complete this mission, but it is recommended to do so before ending Act 3.

Military Council: Endgame (Act 5)

Level 6: Support UnitCost Per UnitWeekly RecruitmentUnit HitpointsUnit DamageSpells KnownImmunities/ResistancesMisc DetailCompanion Required
Warpriests750518216-18Cure Moderate Wounds, DispelFearAura of CourageSeelah
Monks630661417-19N/APoison, DiseaseN/ARegill
Assassins1100416147-49N/AN/ATeleporting UnitGreybor
Witches10254835-7Agony, Dispel, Infected Wounds, MisfortuneN/AN/AWenduag
Bards95041615-7Aura of Superiority, Aura of Caution, Aura of Onslaught, Aura of ProtectionN/AN/AN/A (Odan)

Author’s Choice: Warpriests. The passive Aura of Courage combined with healing potential make for a good support role, although the teleporting Assassin is an incredible second choice.

CRUSADE MISSION: “Blockade of Reinforcements”

Two armies will spawn, one friendly south of Leper’s Smile and one hostile north of Leper’s smile. You have to eliminate the hostile army to proceed to the next mission.

CRUSADE MISSION: “Khorramzadeh’s Trap”

Immediately after the previous mission a newer and stronger army appears north of the one you just defeated. This army must be defeated to proceed to the next Military Council event.

Level 7: Unit AbilitiesEffectCompanion Required
Contain the Enemy (Cavalry)Next attack by unit reduce enemy speed to 0 for 1 roundSeelah
Bait (Infantry)All units within 3×3 of this unit converge and attack it for 1 roundRegill
Taunt (Cavalry)Target unit moves to this unit and attacks for 3 roundsGreybor
Harassing Shooting (Archers)Pulls target enemy 2 squares toward this unitWenduag
Juicy Target (Infantry)All units target this unit for 1 roundN/A (Odan)

Author’s Choice: Juicy Target. This works best on a large stack of infantry, who can free up your cavalry and archers to continue attacking.

Level 8: Elite UnitCost Per UnitWeekly RecruitmentUnit HitpointsUnit DamageSpells KnownImmunities/ResistancesMisc DetailCompanion Required
Knights of Ozem1850264318-20Cure Serious WoundsN/AN/ASeelah
Arcanists150042621-3Cone of Cold, Greater Magic MissileN/AN/ARegill
Dragonslayers25002173165-167N/AN/ARange + MeleeGreybor
Bloodragers2800229885-87Tempest StrikeN/AN/AWenduag
Honor Guards2600228514-16N/AN/AHeroic GaitN/A (Odan)

Author’s Choice: Any. Elite units can’t be recruited in large enough numbers to emulate the sheer damage potential of mass archers or cavalry, though if I had to pick one it would be Dragonslayers.

CRUSADE MISSION: “Odan’s Request”

A purely optional errand, Odan wants to go fight. You can say yes to get him as a general or you can say no for 15k points in the other three Crusade stats.

CRUSADE MISSION: “Champions of the Abyss”

Arguably the most deadly army spawns near Threshold and holds position. Defeating this army is required to proceed to the Military Council Finale.

Finale: Player BonusEffectCompanion Required
“The biggest battle…”Player gets +3 luck bonus damageN/A
“Place all the trophies…”Player gets +3 luck bonus attackN/A
“Let the clerics…”Player gets +3 luck bonus ACN/A
BONUS: Exhaust DialogueItem: Headband of Mental Perfection +6N/A

Author’s Choice: Any, but be sure to exhaust all dialogue so you get the luck bonus and the Headband.

And with that you have proven you have a strong enough army to defeat the forces of the Abyss!

Super-Duper Secret Research Projects!

Aside from being in control of your own Crusade to fight it on your own terms, the other reason to never use Auto-Crusade mode is because it will lock you out of a certain ending of the game. In order to complete this ending you will need to research and complete four projects in Crusade Management:

Studying the Sword of Valor – Act 3, requires 14 days to complete

Studying the Unusual Crystal – Act 5, requires 14 days to complete

Northern Lights – Act 5, requires 20 days to complete

Records of Pulura’s Stargazers – Act 5, requires 14 days to complete

Areelu Vorlesh’s Drafts – Act 5, requires 14 days to complete

All of these are required for that certain ending of the game, and guides currently exist that will point you towards how to unlock these projects. The details won’t be put here, only that they have to be done and they cannot be done in Auto mode.

End Notes

This is the current end of my guide. I might in the future add more raw data including all city buildings, all unit data, and so forth. Sadly, mythic path data will take a lot of time to collect. Regardless, I am hopeful that this has provided some of the information you need to plan out your next game or help salvage your current one.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Crusade Mode Strategy that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Zaukodar. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.