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    As previously reported, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – A Dance of Masks isn’t exactly your typical DLC, and not just because there’s a big party in between all the monster bashing – for the first time, fans can finally get on with their final adventures from where they left off (a long-requested DLC feature). Whether you’re stuck or wondering about the options and results of this expansion, our tutorial will help you get through it.

    Note: This tutorial is a work in progress and will be updated daily until it is complete!

    How to Start Pathfinder WotR: A Masked Dance

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    To start the DLC, enter the Citadel, where you may need to rest for up to three days (click the Rest button, then uncheck the “rest for the recommended period” box and select three days at the bottom right). Arsinoe will then approach you with an invitation to a festival. She accepts and she will gift you Old Coin and send you to Kenabres. From there, you’re ready to go.

    Commander Festival Walkthrough

    Exit the Citadel, take the Fortress Gates exit, then select Kenabres (just below the West Sellen River and almost directly south of Drezen, where you came from). Once you arrive in Kenabres, enter the old city gates.

    A tour of the great masquerade

    Head east and down the stairs past the two guards and talk to nice old lady through the well. She passes an Arcana 15 check to discover faint traces of magic in the cat and gains 13 XP. She pays more than 500G and she will give you the cat (how lucky you are, literally, as if you check the Feline Follower Upgrade now in your list of benefits, you will see that it supposedly grants you good luck).

    Head west to Ichol and Bheessa passionate couple willing to help with the festivities and choose the flag they want (it’s a matter of preference).

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    Continue west, heading down towards the festivities. Don’t get in line yet or you’ll miss out on some of the fun. Instead, continue west and talk to the illusionist magician, who will make a work with his illusions (choose the one you like the most) if you pay him 150G. Next, some guards will spot some deception afoot.

    This magic has nothing to do with Necromancy. Opens a new line of questioning (Arcana, Diplomacy, intimidation checks)
    (Arcana) You may not have realized… Prove that illusions have nothing to do with necromancy; 4XP; Saved Wizard
    (Diplomacy) If these were real ghosts… The guards believe you; 240XP; Saved Wizard
    (Intimidate) If I were a real necromancer… The guards believe you; 180XP; Saved Wizard
    Yeah! Stop the necromancer! They take the magician to see the inquisitors.
    stay calm They take the magician to see the inquisitors.

    Return to the lower area where the line for the festivities begins (you’ll know you’re there if you see lots of flags, fireworks, and people standing around). Your choices here are just for fun, so don’t worry about the results and choose what feels best to you. Shortly afterward Herald will appear and greet you as the Knight Commander. Pass a Bluff 44 test to earn 1728 XP.

    Enter the main plaza to discover an imposter “Commander”. Whatever you go with, they will throw you off the stage. Give Rovus the ancient coin and he will tell you that he is worried about this impostor, after which Drimo will invite you to the Echo of Fury Sand (you will have no choice).

    Accept the first battle, which should be a piece of cake. Zuset will then greet you, before casually confronting a pair of dragons. These are much scarier than they look and should also be taken out without a problem (but keep in mind Arzov’s long list of immunities just in case).

    Afterwards, you’ll learn that Zuset is basically the Path of Exile expert (i.e. he likes watching powerful entities fight).

    Talk to your various companions as marked on your map now to activate various quests:

    Buddy Search
    Regil Close inspection
    Arueshalae overcome fears

    have fun at the festival

    This subquest allows you to participate in a variety of activities on the Plaza. Here are some of what you will need to complete it:

    • Look to your left (west) from the entrance to Plaza Kenabres to participate in the darts competition (Mobility check that grants 4XP).
    • On the west side of the center of the map you will find a training dummy/mannequin on the lower level. Beat him.
    • On the northwest side of the map, look for some people dancing among fireworks on carpets and show them your musical ability.
    • Even further northwest, look for five guards lined up to participate in a push-up competition (requires Athletics check 28; grants 4XP).
    • On the east side of the center of the square you can dance.

    Kenabres Square Vendor Locations and Inventories

    Supplier Location Inventory
    merchant (male) South Center (blue map marker) Elder Greater Shock Quarterstaff +5, scrolls, alchemist kits
    Jewelry merchant south central Expensive generic jewelry
    blacksmith south central Unique Sabers (He Who Bathes in Blood, Praying Assassin); expensive generic weapons and armor
    Merchant (woman) south central Jester’s Cap, Great Festival Cloak, Magma Robe, Betrayer’s Dagger, Life Infuser, Ice Guard, and Living Fortress
    Shopkeeper (short) south central Potions and recipes
    Shopkeeper West Center Recipes and cooking ingredients.

    Thieves in the city walkthrough

    Head to the center of Kenabres Square to meet an NPC who discovered a robbery. (This quest will be updated as soon as possible!)

    Close inspection tutorial

    Using your map, locate and speak to Regill, who will request an inspection from the city guard. Follow him a little to the east, where you’ll talk to Corporal Sweeps. Pass the Perception check to discover that the structure is solid (but there are people underneath). Finish your interrogation, then follow Regill southeast (check his map to see his marker) to meet with Sergean Wohf.

    Pass the 40 Perception check to discover that the door is strong but controlled by an internal mechanism. Continue your interrogation, then return to the performance area (check your map) and talk to Liwa.

    Passing Perception 36 will reveal that soldiers are strategically placed, granting you 324 XP.

    After this, Regill will admit that the security in the area is formidable and will stop worrying, completing the mission.

    Tutorial to overcome fears

    After locating Arueshalae using your map and agreeing to help her overcome her social anxiety, head a little north where the tables are and talk to the townspeople on her behalf, only to find yourself in the middle of an argument with “Camellia “.

    Open your map now and head to the northeast point of interest (marked in bright blue) where Arushalae will converse with the Arueshales. If you make it reveal, everything will be fine.

    (This quest will be updated as soon as possible!)

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