Path of Exile Corrupted Gear, Explained


    Path of Exile is a free-to-play online RPG in which you fight others for power while finding stronger gear to help you in your quest. Path of Exile is set in a fantasy world with a sophisticated character customization and combat system that will keep you busy with the game for a very long time. Since there is a ton of loot you can find, Corrupted Gear is just some of that gear you can grind for. I’ll explain what it really is and how to get it below.

    How to get Corrupted Gear in Path of Exile

    What is Corrupt Gear?

    In simple terms, Corrupt Gear is just gear with modifiers on it; the only difference is that these modifiers aren’t always guaranteed to give you any positive buffs. Corrupting your gear is like a simple gamble; sometimes corrupt gear might give you some sort of boost or immunity, but other times it might not give you anything useful at all. Once your corrupted gear receives a buff or debuff, this is permanent, so you can not go back on this change.

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    How to get Corrupt Gear

    You can corrupt your gear with Vaal Orbs which you can find from arcanist or monster strongboxes in the Vaal side areas, or simply craft them with seven Vaal Skill Gems and a Vaal Sacrifice Fragment.

    You can also corrupt your items at the Temple of Atzoatl with the Locus of Corruption. Just keep in mind that if you try to corrupt any items at the temple, you will only have a 25% chance of corrupting them or destroying them permanently.

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