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    Import your saves from the Epic Games Store version.

    Importing Guide


    This was the first time I had to mess with hexadecimal values ​​but after about 2 hours of messing around, I managed to get my save file from the Epic Games Store to work with my Steam version. I hope this helps anyone else who is having problems.

    Let’s get to it.

    It will get complicated, but if you follow these steps you should be able to make it work.

    You will need:

    • Access your saved game files both in the Epic Games Store folder on your computer and for Steam.
    • A hexadecimal editor (any should work, I used Hexed which is web-based).

    Epic Games Store AKA EGS

    Navigate to your folder where your game is saved. I strongly recommend making a separate backup so that in case of a mistake, you always have an ancient copy of your saved file that won’t get corrupted.


    Here you will find many things. You’re looking for two things in particular:

    1. Your main game file.
    2. Save your system file.

    For your main game file, no problem if you only have one folder. If you have more than one, you’ll need to do a decluttering process to find out which folder you want to save to.

    In my case, I had to rename the folders one by one, booting the game between each name, until I was able to find that my main save was under the SAVEDATA03 folder.

    Once you’ve tracked down your save file, you should create a brand new folder on your desktop (or somewhere else) called “SOP EGS save” because the process will get confusing fast. Then, copy the main game save folder (eg SAVEDATA03) and the SYSTEMSAVEDATA00 folder to the new folder you created. We will work exclusively with these newly copied files from now on.

    Blank Slate Steam Save

    Now, we will completely reset the save files from your Steam version of the game. If you have played the game and don’t want to lose the save, please remember to back up your Steam save to a separate folder before proceeding.

    Navigate to:

    • %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\ Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy ORIGIN\Steam\\

    Back up any saved files you don’t want to lose.

    When you’re ready, delete everything in that folder (you don’t need to delete config.xml, it’s just for game settings that shouldn’t have any effect).

    Once completed, start the game. Go through a few initial settings screens, then create a new game (I’d recommend matching the selected difficulty to the save you want to import, just in case).

    An introductory cutscene will start playing. You can close the game here. Now you have fresh, empty steam savings.

    Hexadecimal editing

    This is where the scary part starts, but it really shouldn’t be too difficult. I will include the Hexed images below for your guidance.

    Open your hexadecimal editor.

    • Import the EGS save we obtained earlier by clicking “Open File” in the ribbon above. You’ll see something like this, but with different data:
    • Import any Steam save from the Steam save folder. You will see the same screen as step 1.
    • Now, on the Steam save, look at the first two lines of code (lines 00000000 and 00000010). Open a notepad and write all the number/letter combinations, case sensitive, with their respective spaces and line breaks (the site doesn’t allow copy+paste from what I saw). Be careful to make sure you have it perfect.
    • Return to the first tab with your EGS saved.
    • Click on the first 2 letter “square” on the first line and start replacing the first 2 lines of data with the data you wrote in Notepad in step 3.
    • Click “Export” on the top ribbon. Save this new file in a new folder, you can call the folder something like “Steam Modified Game Save”. Make sure the file keeps its original name “SAVEDATA.BIN”.

    Half the work is done. Now, we will do the same for system saving. This is the same process we did for the save file.

    Open your hexadecimal editor.

    1. Import the EGS system save (from the SYSTEMSAVEDATA00 folder).
    2. Import the Steam system save (also from the SYSTEMSAVEDATA00 folder).
    3. Do the same steps 3-5 as you did earlier to change the game save file.
    4. Once done, export the file as before to a folder called something along the lines of “Steam-converted system save.” Again, make sure the file keeps its original name.

    Now you have a converted game save as well as a converted system save.

    The final stretch – loading the save into the Steam folder

    Now, all you have to do is save the modified system and put it in the SYSTEMSAVEDATA00 folder of your Steam save directory (%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\ STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN\Steam\) and then, this The part is a bit trickier, but to make sure everything works, you should save your modified game and put it in every “SAVEDATA0X” folder you see in the directory. I will explain why shortly. You should be good to go. Restart Steam for good measure then launch the game. Press “Continue” and you should pick up where you left off. It’s time to kill the chaos.

    Noticed issues

    The reason I have you upload converted game saves to each folder is because for whatever reason, doing so crashes the game when you select “Load Game” instead of continuing. Maybe this is a problem that only I have, but I thought I’d write about it regardless. I’ll update this area if anything else comes up.

    In closing

    I hope this will let you enjoy the game where you left off without having to grind it out again. Happy chaos hunting!



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