Panilla Saga Tier List – All Heroes Ranked


    In RPGs and gacha games in general, choosing the right characters is an essential part of gameplay. Here are the best heroes in Panilla Saga, ranked.

    Updated on June 13, 2024. – Version: 4.9.202 – Latest addition: Malgosia

    Panilla Saga is a new RPG developed by Ujoy Games for mobile devices. The developers have tried to make the game exciting and at the same time adhere to the retro style. In this title, you have to be a hero and save the Panella continent.

    To do this, you can summon different characters using the gacha system. All heroes are different and have unique stats and abilities, and like other RPGs, not all heroes are equal in power. So, to help you find the strongest characters in the game, we’ve created a Panilla Saga tier list. While you’re at it, feel free to check out our Skullgirls tier list as well as our Neural Cloud tier list!

    What is our Panela Saga tier list?

    In Panilla Saga, you can find everything you can imagine in a mobile RPG. From the beginning, you will be thrown into the sad fate of the Penilla continent – and, of course, your role in this story is to become a hero and save the world.

    Heroes in Pinella Saga are divided into rarities: R, SR, and SSR. The higher the rarity of the characters, the harder they are to obtain. In addition, all heroes are divided into several classes:

    • the fighter – Effective in operations and raids
    • Warrior – Balanced attack and defense and fight in close combat.
    • Tank – High damage resistance and various defensive and taunt abilities.
    • Wizard – They deal magic damage and have a wide variety of AoE attacks and debuffs.
    • The ranger – Less damage than a Warrior or Fighter, but can attack enemies from a distance.
    • support – Support characters help your entire team survive longer. They can also apply various buffs.

    To make your team stronger, you should combine different classes. But in general, you should have at least one damage dealer, tank, and support. And, of course, you have to use the best characters in the game. So, we’ve ranked the characters from strongest to weakest in our Panilla Saga tier list.


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