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    I’m all about cozy games, and Palia is about to be a whole new cozy experience. It appears to be a blend of Animal Crossing, one of my personal favorite cozy games, and Disney Dreamlight Valley. What makes Palia stand out is its MMO features focusing on multiplayer, allowing you to enjoy it with friends and even make some new ones.

    Everything we know about Palia

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    Palia is an MMO with farming, crafting, house-building, and narrative features that you can play solo or with friends. Explore a delightful world at your own pace and shape your cozy game life. Here is everything to know about Palia. Current skills include foraging, hunting, mining, insect catching, furniture making, cooking, gardening, and of course fishing.

    What is the release date for Palia?

    Palia does not have a specific release date but will release during the holiday window in 2023. That said, the PC open beta begins on August 10 (see more below) and there will be no more wipes so this can be considered a soft launch. You can follow the official Palia Twitter to stay updated and see what’s coming.

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    What platforms will Palia be on?

    Palia will be exclusive to PC and Nintendo Switch, meaning you’ll need one of these to play the game. PlayStation and Xbox fans will, unfortunately, be left behind, at least for now.

    How to play the Palia Beta Test

    Image via Singularity 6

    The closed Palia PC beta test started on August 2, 2023. Players can sign up on the official website for a chance to enter the beta test. Signing up does not guarantee you will be selected, but it doesn’t hurt to try. However, any disappointment will be extremely short-lived as the open beta for PC begins on August 10, 2023. The developers have said that there will be no wipes after this point.

    Is Palia an MMORPG?

    Palia is an online multiplayer experience, but it does not feature combat and should not be considered a typical MMORPG. Instead, it focuses on relaxing gameplay and an enchanting world. Despite having some MMO features, the number of players on each server will be limited from 1 to 25. This means you can play Palia completely solo if you prefer to be a reclusive hermit instead of a social butterfly.

    Is Palia free to play?

    Palia will be free to play, allowing everyone to play the game without putting down any cash. It does feature a premium in-game shop, but there will be no pay-to-win. Players can purchase various furnishings and outfits to customize their avatars. I expect cosmetic items and furniture to also be purchasable and earned in-game in a similar way to Disney Dreamlight Valley, but we’ll have to wait and see how it all works.

    Does Palia have a story?

    Those looking to relax and enjoy a charming narrative are in luck, as Palia does have a story. Singularity 6 has confirmed that Palia will have an evolving world and narrative with frequent updates to the world and storyline. Players are also free to create their own story as well, as there are several NPCs to interact with as you complete mainline and side quests.

    Palia Trailer

    Palia was announced for the Nintendo Switch during the June 21, 2023 Nintendo Direct. You can check it out on the official Nintendo of America YouTube channel.

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