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    Cozy RPG Palia sees you grouping with other players to build up the community, gathering and crafting as you add buildings, machines, crops, and cosmetic items to create your own unique plot of land. But you’ll also want to build relationships (and potentially romances) with the other inhabitants of the world, which is where questing comes in. Because as well as giving NPCs gifts, you can gain favor by helping them with tasks. If you’re stuck on the Overdue Books quest in Palia, read my full guide below.  

    Overdue Books – Palia Quest Guide

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    To begin the Overdue Books quest you’ll first need to reach relationship level two (Meagre Acknowledgement) with the librarian, Caleri, who can be found in the library in the town square from 5 am to 10 pm (she is very industrious!). You can reach this quite quickly by completing some earlier quests with her, by talking to her whenever the option becomes available, and by giving her a gift every day (I suggest a Sundrop Lily, but other options include Pearls and Chapaa Fur). As soon as you reach level two, she’ll offer you the quest.

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    To complete the quest, you need to find and bring her the following overdue books that have been taken out by three different characters:

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    1. On the History of Plants (Kenyatta)
    2. Kilmar Valley Treasures (Jina)
    3. The Adventures of Jainn Rattagan (Auni)

    Completion of the quest will earn you 20 Renown, some influence with Caleri, 5 Sernuk Hide, 5 Leather, and a very handy 300 Gold. I found the quest a little tricky as you need to do a bit of searching to get one of the books and it does involve quite a lot of running around but you also get some bonus renown for a few side quests, so it’s all worth it.

    Where to find the Overdue Books

    Once you have the quest, open your map to identify where the three NPCs currently are that you need to speak to. It doesn’t matter which order you collect the books in but note that the books you collect will be items in your inventory, so make sure you have enough inventory space to collect all three

    On the History of Plants

    When you speak to Kenyatta, you’ll find she has lent the book to Nai’o and this begins a separate quest, History of Plants. Find Nai’o on the map (usually at the stables) and go and speak to him. Luckily the chase ends here, as Nai’o has the book on him and gives it to you after a brief chat.

    Kilmar Valley Treasures 

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    During the day you’ll likely find Jina at her favorite spot at the Mirror Pond Ruins. After speaking to her you’ll discover that she has misplaced the book somewhere in the Phoenix Shrine area. This starts an extra quest entitled Kilmar Valley Treasures. Head to Phoenix Falls and up the cliff path into the Phoenix Shrine (where you arrived at the start of the game). Head along the tunnel and go straight ahead at the junction. You’ll see the book on the left, on a rock, just before you get to the door to the Ruins. Pick up the book and you’re done. You do not need to return to Jina to complete the quest.

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    The Adventures of Jainn Rattagan 

    When you speak to Auni you’ll find that his book is overdue because he hasn’t finished it, thanks to him having so many chores to do. Agree to help him out and you’ll get the additional quest, Garlic Gopher. To complete this quest you need to collect three Wild Garlic.

    This can be a little time-consuming, however, you do not need to forage the Wild Garlic after you’ve received the quest. I had some in my storage container, so simply went and collected that. Once you’ve got three Wild Garlic (), return it to Auni and he’ll give you the book you need.

    Completing the Overdue Books quest

    Once you have all three books in your inventory, return them to Caleri in the Library (remember she will only be there from 5 am to 10 pm). She will cryptically mention another missing book, but won’t give you any details. Instead, the quest is complete and you’ll receive your rewards. 

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