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    Cozy MMO-style RPG Palia moves the action away from combat and firmly into the realms of crafting, relationships, and exploring but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tough quests and adventures to be had. As you start to move through the storyline your past is slowly revealed in a series of temples. In one of these, you discover the Vault of Waves, which requires you to sacrifice particular items to proceed. If you need help tracking them down, read on for my Palia Vault of Waves quest guide to all bundle item locations.  

    Starting the Vault of Waves bundles quests in Palia

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    If you don’t have this quest yet, the chances are you haven’t finished one of the required sections before it in the main story quest. You’ll need to have completed the Echoes of the Unknown quest from Jina and you can’t complete this until you have your first glider. To get your glider, you need to complete the Like a Bird quest line with Najuma. Once you have, follow the Echoes of the Unknown quest in the Mysterious Temple, complete the sliding puzzle, and report back to Jina. She’ll give you the Vault of Waves quest next. 

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    All Vault of Waves bundle item locations in Palia

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    Head to the Night Sky Temple and meet Jina, then check out the image on the wall to get the details of the first bundle you need. The actual Vault of Waves quest will end after you speak to Jina once more, but you’re left with a lot of items to find and bring back to the temple. 

    Note that some of these items are extremely rare drops so I’d suggest you try and complete these bundles as you play, rather than getting frustrated by focusing purely on completing them. Remember that you may be able to gain these items from other players – you’re not required to gather them yourself, purely to deliver them. finally, note that the bundles need to be completed one at a time in the order they’re listed below but it is worth noting what you need so you can save rare items for later

    The Spooky Bundle

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    For the first bundle you need to catch and bring back one of each of the following fish and bugs:

    • Garden Mantis (bug catching): These can be found around the Fisherman’s Lagoon and the coastlines in Kilima Village during the day and morning.
    • Mutated Angler (fishing): You’ll need to use worms as bait to catch these in the pond at Pavel Mines in Bahari Bay. 
    • Vampire Crab (fishing): Head to the Flooded Fortress on the west side of Bahari Bay and fish there at night.
    • Void Ray (fishing): You have to use glow worms as bait to catch Void Ray, and fish at night, again in the Pavel Mines pond.

    The Beach Bundle

    The second bundle is a bit more diverse:

    • Blue Marlin (fishing): A coastal fish in Bahari Bay (requires worms as bait).
    • Green Pearl (foraging): Go to Bahari Bay and comb the coast for Unopened Oysters. Open all the ones you find and eventually (it took me ages) you’ll find a rare Green Pearl. 
    • Stripeshell Snail (bug catching): Again, you’re looking for these at night near the coast in Bahari Bay. 
    • Sushi (cooking): Unless you trade for this with a friend first, you’ll first need to fish for the Sushi recipe (it can be found in Mirror Pond when fishing with glow worms as bait). Once you have the recipe, you can make Sushi using Darl cloves, fish, Heat Root, Vinegar, Rice, and Sweet Loaf. You’ll also need a Prep Station, Mixing Station, and Stove to prepare it. 

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    The Freshwater Bundle

    Now you’re heading off to the rivers and ponds of Palia:

    • Giant Goldfish (fishing): Can only be caught using glow worms as bait but can be found in ponds anywhere.
    • HydratePro Fertilizer x5 (buy or craft): This can be bought at the Kilima General Store for 40 gold.
    • Inky Dragonfly (bug catching): You’ll be able to catch these around ponds and rivers across Bahari Bay.
    • Star Quality Trout Dinner (cooking, plus friendship requirement): When you reach friendship level three with Einar you’ll gain access to Einar’s Cave. Inside, you’ll find the recipe for Trout Dinner. To then make it you’ll need Trout (any), Spice (any), Potato, and Wild Garlic. You’ll also need a prep station and an oven or stove. 

    The Magic Bundle

    For the final bundle you’ll need to collect the following:

    • Enchanted Pupfish (fishing): Fished from Fisherman’s Lagoon in Kilima using glow worms as bait.
    • Fisherman’s Brew (fishing, cooking): You can only buy this recipe from Einar once you reach level 5 in fishing (it costs 1,000 gold). It is made with Emerald Carpet moss and Crystal Lake Lotus using a campfire.
    • Long Nosed Unicorn Fish (fishing): A daytime-only catch (using glow worm bait) in Bahari Bay. These are epic rarity, so don’t get your hopes up of finding one quickly.
    • Shimmerfin (fishing): A shore fish in Kilima Village (Fisherman’s Lagoon) caught with worms as bait.

    Vault of Waves bundle rewards

    As well as getting you the Something’s in the Water Achievement for completing all four bundles, you’ll also be able to catch the super rare Ancient Fish in Fisherman’s Lagoon after getting the achievement. Completing each individual bundle also gives a reward:

    • Spooky Bundle: 100 gold, 10 tuning forks, 5 boosters
    • Beach Bundle: 30 worms, 30 glow worms
    • Freshwater Bundle: A Bouillabaisse and the Bouillabaisse recipe
    • Magic Bundle: A Honey Lure

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