Oxygen Not Included Walkthrough

Oxygen Not Included Walkthrough

This guide is in the process of being written. ETC: 14/6/2022

A brief summary of basic operations a player needs to do when starting a colony.

This guide assumes that the player is on survival mode, and has the inherent settings.

Early Game

First Steps

A generally good configuration is to have the following duplicants in order to complete the most basic tasks when in the very early game. The following preset (figure 1.0) is strongly advised,however individual playstyle may vary.

  • Have 1 duplicate with x – any level of interest in building (construction)
  • Have 1 duplicate with x – any level of interest in researching (science)
  • Have 1 duplicate with x – any level of interest in digging (excavation)

Figure 1.0

Once this is done, the first few steps should be to ensure that the dimensions of your colony are defined. Personally, I ensure that rooms (aka. sections) are 26×4 in area (as shown in figure 1.2). A 4 tile height parameter is typically a measurement that is applicable to rooms that do not have liquid management functionality and gas management functionality. It seldom occurs one will have to re-purpose the height of a room this early in a playthrough, as most machines are less than 4 tiles in height.

Figure 1.2

Initial Colony Construction Framework

Once duplicates are digging, (and especially if your settings are defaulted for disease), it is recommended to prioritize latrines. This may sound counter-intuitive and a ill-considered however the decision is logical. The reasoning for this decision being liquid waste has the potential of contaminating the ration box (the yellow chest to the left of the printing pod as also shown in figure 1.4). If this were to occur, then your duplicates would become sick and work efficiency would slow down significantly. Most work on this section of the game (aka. early game) will be done as soon as you start building.

Figure 1.4


Ration Box is an item used to store and maintain your Food.

Therefore, it is in the players best interest to ensure that either

a) The ration box is sectioned off in order to prevent contamination via:

b) The player builds latrines and ensures that the ration box is, in a lineal sense, depressed; therefore creating a framework for the Sterile Environment tile property. As the name implies, this trait ensures rations will not spoil. They will stay fresh indefinitely.

Mid Game

mid game text here

End Game

end game text here

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