Overwatch 2 player count ahead of Season 6 (August 2023)



    The Overwatch 2 player count has fluctuated somewhat since it was first released in October 2022, and that trend is continuing in the run-up to Season 6.

    As the game approaches the one-year anniversary of its release, you might be curious to know just how many players have stuck around through the ups and downs of this live service title.

    Of course, with Overwatch 2 now free to play, it’s seen an incredible boost to its base number of active players. But how many have stuck around through the fumbled meta changes and controversial new hero releases?

    Keep reading to find out exactly what the Overwatch 2 player count is ahead of Season 6.

    What is the player count for Overwatch 2 in 2023?

    Despite Blizzard’s unfortunate recent fumblings, Overwatch 2 doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Overwatch 1 previously hit 7 million players in its first week and became Blizzard’s fastest-selling console game of all time. Meanwhile, Overwatch 2 is reported to have had over 37 million players during its first month, according to an Activision Q3 earnings report.

    Activision is usually tight-lipped about the exact player count, but this information is safe to assume according to the report and the tweet from the official Overwatch account listed above. According to its page, the game received over 25 million players within the first ten days of the launch of Overwatch 2.

    Overwatch 2: What is the player count ahead of Season 6?

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    There are several live number trackers which give an estimate of current players in the game. Sites such as Active Player go one step further by compiling the data of users per month to see how much the game has grown and maintained its audience.

    Here, we’ve broken down some of the results as of the start of August:

    • Average Monthly Players – 24,958,022
    • Average Daily Players – 1,663,868
    • Monthly Gain/Loss from Previous Month – 308,008 (+1%)

    As you can see, the Overwatch 2 player count seems to be slightly on the rise this month, contradicting the current reputation of the online shooter. In fact, the last three months have seen Overwatch 2 hover comfortably around the 25 million player mark, only deviating by a few perfect every 30 days.

    So, while the future of Overwatch 2 might be in the dark, its player base is showing no signs of going anywhere just yet.

    That’s everything on the current Overwatch 2 player count ahead of Season 6.

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