Overwatch 2 matches have reportedly broken as lower ranks are matched against Masters; here is the offical word



    Overwatch 2 was developed by Blizzard Interactive. It is the second generation of first-person shooters, Overwatch. This game is developed by team members with multiplayer first-person shooter, and is full of cross-platform games.

    This game was released on October 4th and can be played freely on a major gaming platform, such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Windows and Xbox.

    The games are different from Overwatch. The criticism mixed with him.

    But like any other game, Overwatch 2 is not only annoying, but also annoying. If you are not playing matches as hard as you are.

    We recently reported that an issue where Overwatch 2 players couldn’t bring their friends into games on PlayStation.

    Overwatch 2, matchmaking broken.

    According to the reports (one, two, two, three, six, eight, eight, nine) of the game, many gamers are facing difficulties playing the game due to the delay in matchmaking in Overwatch 2.

    Some don’t like how teams are matched against each other. I found that players with lower levels, such as silver, gold, and diamonds, are being asked to fight against those who have higher levels.

    Players are likely to be matched to masters and grandmasters. This makes the game unfair and frightened to certain gamers.


    I would like to be happy with a Diamond rank if they kept fighting with Diamond and Masters players. Source

    Has anyone else been worse? Am silver 4 after reset yet every game has got me to fight against people with master and diamond titles. Is this a target? Source

    The player took Reddit to tell their frustration about the game and was on the verge of leaving the game.

    It seems that there is no workaround for gamers to deal with matchmaking problems.

    Official statement

    The developers, fortunately, knew the problem with the matchmaking process and released an official statement.

    The company is thinking about making the matchmaker changes to make some tweaks. This will help improve the game and make it fair for everyone.


    Despite being aware that no official ETA has been given yet.

    That being said, we will keep an eye on the matchmaking bug overwatch 2 and update this story with new details coming up.

    Note: We have an extensive issues and bugs tracker for Overwatch 2, so be careful not to follow that as well.

    An image source for the Overwatch 2 and inline, with a live version.

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