Overfield is an upcoming open-world RPG that’s all set to enter Early Access.

    • An open world RPG that will be released on Android, iOS and PC.
    • Early access between June 25th and July 10th
    • Three searchable maps will be available.

    NetEase has just announced their latest project Overfield, an upcoming open world RPG set in a beautiful world. It is currently limited to Japan and will be released on Android, iOS and PC. The game is still far from launch, but an early access period is coming soon, giving you a chance to experience the fun for yourself.

    The developers want to give fans a taste of what Overfield is like before its official release and so recruitment for Early Access has been going on for a few weeks. If you’re just hearing about it, don’t panic because there’s still time. Official website. You have until midnight on June 22 to register for a chance.

    Not everyone will be selected for the trial and the winners will be announced a day later on June 23. Then, on June 25th, you’ll be able to start participating in Early Access for Overfield, where you can participate in a variety of activities until July 10th, when RPG’s doors will temporarily close.

    Where available, you can find three field maps that include a tutorial to show you the ropes. To help you progress, a bunch of events and login bonuses will also be unlocked during this early access period. As with these playtests, feedback will be gathered from players to make the final version of the game as polished as possible.

    If you’re wondering what to expect, check out the trailer embedded above to get a feel for what Overfield is like. Currently, we only know about the Japanese version of the game. But given NetEase’s track record, a global launch should be expected sometime after the Japanese release.

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