Outer Wilds Ghosts In Machine Achievement Guide


Walk through detailing how to obtain the “Ghosts in the Machine” achievement

Intro and Thanks

“Ghosts in the Machine: Reach all 3 Forbidden Archives in a single loop without getting caught.”

You’d think this involves a lot of playing hide and seek with pursuers, when in reality you rarely engage with them at all!

Follow this route I found, and the achievement should pop up as you take the elevator down to the final archive.

I hadn’t seen an in depth guide for this achievement yet, so I decided to make it myself.

Massive thank you to Mr. Beartato, Kiwi, and Gir-nade for helping me improve the run and literally halving the execution time!

Originally it involved visiting all three archives without ever leaving the dream realm.

It was a lot slower and much more complex, but their advice helped make it what it is now.

Walk Through Video

For a clearer demonstration, check out the video.

It’s been updated with Beartato, Kiwi, and Gir-nade’s suggestions.

Archive #1: Hidden Gorge

When arriving at the stranger, use the secret lab’s hole in the hull entrance so we have access to an artefact right away, and so we can get straight to the hidden gorge dreaming room.

Upon waking up in the endless canyon, head upstairs and look to the painting second from the exit on the left, we can jump straight through this paining giving us a shortcut to the totem light we need.

Blow it out, and it will turn off all the lights in the main building.

This will alert the strangers, normally you would sneak through the pitch black building, but instead we’re going to head back through the painting, out the exit, and turn right towards the totem that activates the bridge when lit.

Once at the totem, head to the far right side of the cliffs to cross the invisible bridge that leads towards the elevator down to the pier.

Use the path around the back of the elevator to easily get to the bottom floor of the main building, at the bottom of the stairs head straight, you’ll get chased by a stranger as you pass through the doorway where the mural used to be, but don’t worry, it’s scripted.

Head across the invisible bridge, and down the elevator to the archives.

(I put my lantern on the projector once I got here just to be certain that it counted as a visit, however this isn’t necessary, stepping off the elevator then riding it straight back up again should suffice).

Once in the archives, jump into the water to wake yourself up.

Archive #2: River Lowlands

Once back in the real world, go right back to sleep again.

When we arrive in the endless canyon a second time, head out the normal exit, and head right, we’re going to cross the invisible bridge to the other side again.

Once across, use the elevator to head down to the pier, summon a boat and ride it into the tunnel.

When you’re in the tunnel, and the endless canyon unloads behind you, jump off the boat.

We’ll fall below the world, into the underground cavern where all the archives are located, the only one we have access to in this state is the shrouded woodlands archives, head there, it should be the place to the left of the large tower looking structure.

Hop down the rocks, over the small bridge and up the stairs to the projector, before once again jumping into the water to wake yourself up.

Archive #3: Cinder Isles

This is it, the home stretch.

Back in the real world, head for cinder isles by jumping into the river and drifting over to the reservoir.

Hop on the raft lazily floating in the middle of the reservoir, we’re going to need it so that we can be lifted up and over the dam.

Once dropped off over the other side, ride the river all the way down to cinder isles, and head inside the tower that contains the dreaming room.

When you get there, it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you throw yourself on the fire to enter the starlit cove dreamscape, instead of just sleeping by the fire.

Now that we’re immune to the effects of the bell (thanks to our slightly less than alive status) we don’t have to switch off the lights in this area, meaning our pursuers won’t even know that we’re here!

Head inside the complex and take a left, walk all the way over to the elevator, and ride it down to the ground floor, now make your way around to the gaping hole with the spiral staircase, we don’t need to worry about the bell guarding it.

Walk down the spiral staircase, across the bridge into the very large room, there are a few strangers here, but stick to the left wall as you head down stairs and you should easily avoid them all, however be sure to stay on the right hand side of the last staircase, so that you don’t miss the bridge at the bottom.

Head over the bridge and through the door at the far side of the room, down the staircase, past the bell, and into the elevator to the third and final archive room.


Enjoy your shiny new achievement! you earned it.

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