Otto’s Aegon Problem Resembles Tywin’s Issues


The following contains spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 9, “The Green Council,” now streaming on HBO Max. This article also contains mention of suicide.

HBO house of the dragon It has given Otto Hightower a lot to think about as he plans to make the Iron Throne his own. He manipulated King Viserys, used his daughter Alicent as a pawn, and despite being fired from him, has returned to the helm thanks to the ever-creepy intrigues of Larys Strong. Regardless of the circumstances, Otto finds a way to win, which is why, after the king’s death, he is perfectly positioned to install Alicent’s firstborn son, Aegon, as his puppet leader.

Otto, however, has met resistance from Alicent, who does not like his bloodthirsty ways, especially the plan to commit genocide against the Targaryens and their supporters. Interestingly, there is more family drama brewing with the grandkids, who are giving the Hand quite a political headache. Ironically, upon closer inspection, Otto’s troubles look a lot like the ones Tywin Lannister endured in game of Throneswhich inevitably broke his house beyond repair.

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Tywin Lannister had some real drama with Cersei and her children

In game of ThronesOnce the opportunity arose for Cersei to start leading the way after King Robert Baratheon’s death, Tywin began pulling his strings to establish himself on the throne. He always whispered in her ear, wanting the Lannisters to take over all power. It is also the reason why he advised Joffrey on the government, consolidating the knowledge and influence of the lords loyal to him. Unfortunately for Tywin, however, the smug Joffrey kept messing things up, getting a bad public image to the point where it was difficult to maintain a united front. Tyrion going rogue on top of that didn’t help anything either.

Tywin’s problems also recurred after Joffrey was killed and Tommen took over. The boy wasn’t equipped to deal with the murder that had to happen to keep the Insurrectionists away, including his own girlfriend, Margaery, and how scheming Cersei and her father in general were. Tommen’s heart and soul was career suicide, and to the horror of fans, it also led to his actual suicide. To make matters worse, Cersei also gave Tywin an attitude, wanting to do things her way. All of this angered Tywin, who felt that it should have been easy for his dynasty to rule; all they had to do was listen to it, and they didn’t. This also led to his death and the Lannister legacy falling apart in King’s Landing.

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Otto faces similar opposition from his relatives

house of the dragon Otto ends up arguing with Alicent, who berates him for wanting to ruthlessly murder the remaining Targaryens and fan the flames of war. She calls out manipulation of him as well as that of the royal council, acknowledging that he is too controlling and never gave her agency from him. It’s best summed up in how his retrievers literally come to blows to find Aegon, who runs away because he doesn’t want the throne. Alicent is afraid that she will convince her grandson of being a brutal leader, while Otto is puzzled as to why she would coddle him and create a path to weakness.

It’s a lose-lose situation, because coupled with Aemond’s unhinged attitude, Otto has no patience for a family that just won’t stick to a simple plan. They are ruining his legacy, causing the Green Team to fail, and ultimately destroying the entire game of chess he played from the moment he saw an opening in Viserys’ room. These are all obstacles he didn’t prepare for, hating how the domestic civil war at home is ruining his dream. Fortunately, for him, he has some hope of seeing Aegon basking in the public’s approval. However, everything still feels unstable and temporary, leaving him just as frustrated as Tywin by people constantly ignoring his experience and strategy.

The House of the Dragon season 1 finale airs Sunday, October 23 at 9:00 PM EST on HBO and will be available on HBO Max.

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