Onmyoji Tier List – Actually 5 tier lists in one!

    Updated on 13 June 2024 – Version: 1.8.0 – Latest addition: Taki

    When playing Onmyoji, there is something that will come to your mind sooner or later. Who are the best characters in Onmyoji?

    Myself, I have been thinking this for a long time, and I have not been able to come to a definite conclusion. To be completely honest, there are some roles that are better than others. Overall though, many of the characters are good at one thing or another. Take Tamamonomae for example – they’re really good at a lot of PvE content, but fall behind when it comes to duels and PvP.

    So, after one Third Onmyoji Anniversarywe’ve decided to help our readers with a comprehensive Onmyoji tier list!

    If this all seems too difficult to process, don’t worry – chances are you’ll do just fine without worrying about G.Include all S-tier units or you won’t have a viable team.. On the contrary – the game can be enjoyed even with a casual playstyle, as long as you keep upgrading the Shikigami and equip them with good items. However, if you really want to know what each shikigami excels at, this tier list will shed some light.

    And for those of you who like this kind of content, we have a tier list for Monster Never Cry, full of interesting monsters!

    Now, to bring you all the best characters in Onmyoji, I’ve put them all into a very comprehensive tiered list! So if you want to play a specific role, I will help you find the perfect role for your team.

    Below I’ve ranked all the shikigami based on their rarity (SP, SSR, SR, and R), and then listed them by shikigami rank. If you are looking for a specific list, make sure you follow the links below for quick access to that list:

    • Best Shikigami in Onmyoji for PvE (Farming, Exploration, etc.)
    • Best Shikigami (Duel) in Onmyoji for PvP
    • Best Shikigami in Onmyoji for Raids (Guild Red, Realm Red)
    • Best Shikigami in Onmyoji for boss fights (encounter boss, totem zone etc.)
    • Best Shikigami in Onmyoji for Secret Zone (and World Boss/Events/Area Boss etc.)

    Browse the listings to find the Onmyoji tier list you’re looking for!


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