The closing arc within the second season of The Clone Wars is notable for just a few causes. Not solely does it finish on a excessive notice, with a bounty hunter ring being defeated, but it surely additionally ends the primary arc that includes Boba Fett as a giant participant. But there’s one second on this finale that does one thing extra. It’s a small scene, but it surely provides perception into simply how far the Jedi had fallen at that time.

The scene in query is the second by which Boba Fett is arrested for his crimes. He is handcuffed and about to go to jail, however he does present some regret. He admits that some issues went too far. But, dealing with Mace Windu, he states that he can by no means forgive the Jedi Master for killing his father. And Windu’s response is just, “Well, you’re going to have to” — a response that isn’t simply tone-deaf, ignoring the boy’s turmoil, but additionally showcases how the Jedi have misplaced an integral part of their philosophy.

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Aside from sounding pretentious, this was the unsuitable factor to say to Boba for numerous causes. Not the least of which is that listening to his father’s assassin converse so carelessly in regards to the scenario may make Boba really feel extra justified in attempting to kill Windu. If the person who killed his father feels justified in merely telling the boy to neglect his emotions and transfer on, then Boba would really feel no compulsion to take action. But deeper than that, Mace Windu’s response to Boba exhibits how a lot the Jedi Order has misplaced its method. It has gone from a bunch of peaceable monks attempting to grasp the Force to a bunch of troopers serving the Republic.

Something that makes this scene particularly callous is evaluating it to the best way Jedi Master Plo Koon responded to Boba earlier in the identical episode. Despite needing data from Boba and realizing the boy had dedicated crimes, Plo Koon by no means handled the boy with something lower than persistence and compassion. Even when the scenario was dire, and Plo Koon desperately wanted Boba’s assist, the Jedi Master by no means resorted to something like berating and even hurting the boy. He tried to achieve Boba as a human being, which in the end labored in his favor.

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Unfortunately for the galaxy as an entire, Mace Windu has the next place within the Jedi Order than Plo Koon. He is the Master of the Order, second solely to Yoda. And on the time of the conflict, the remainder of the Jedi appear to take extra from Windu than from Yoda. As the sequence exhibits, the Jedi turn into extra militaristic and callous because the conflict progresses. They additionally turn into extra reckless and extra susceptible to errors. These errors are placed on full show on The Clone Wars.

One notable instance is the time the Council decides to faux Obi-Wan’s demise to have him infiltrate a band of bounty hunters. They do that with out contemplating how it might have an effect on Anakin, regardless of realizing that the 2 see one another as brothers. This leads to not solely the mission going awry for a bit, but additionally in Anakin’s belief within the Council being shaken additional.

A extra critical instance is within the Rogue Jedi arc when Ahsoka Tano is accused of bombing the Jedi temple. Despite realizing Ahsoka for years, and realizing it is not in her character to bomb a temple, and never having sufficient proof, the Council decides to expel her from the Order and let her face a army trial. Anakin’s intervention saves her, however the harm is completed. Ahsoka’s religion within the Jedi is damaged, and he or she leaves the Order, robbing the Jedi of what may have been considered one of their greatest members.

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Traditionally, the Jedi are supposed to be compassionate and sort. Their purpose is not to turn into extra highly effective within the Force or to dominate others into adopting their views; that’s the purpose of the Sith. Some of the most well-liked situations of the franchise show this. Famously, Luke Skywalker’s closing victory in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi isn’t him defeating Darth Vader. It’s him convincing Anakin Skywalker to come back again to the sunshine.

As the Clone Wars progressed, the Jedi misplaced an increasing number of of the sunshine that made them peacekeepers. That mild was changed with chilly process and a inflexible system. These issues would result in their downfall. But that mild can be regained when a brand new hope arose.

The Clone Wars is on the market to stream on Disney+.

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