One-shot melee bug is destroying Warzone 2 games



    One-shot melee bug is destroying Warzone 2 games

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    What is Warzone without its bugs and glitches, eh? Perhaps we’re too harsh on Call of Duty when it comes to bugs and glitches, as even though its battle royale title is filled with problems, the game is still entirely free.

    When we’re not encountering these problems, matches can be an absolute blast. It’s hard to excuse in some cases, as a one-shot melee bug is breaking Warzone 2 all over again.

    One-shot melee bug is destroying Warzone 2

    A new one-shot bug has been absolutely wrecking Warzone games, as some players are being wiped from existence with a single melee attack.

    As pointed out by Warzone player Metaphor, the new glitch is giving players access to a melee attack that kills players instantly when they have an SMG and Throwing Knife equipped.

    It is unbelievably broken. The game is going to be ruined when everyone picks this up,” he says. “It’s super broken and I pray they fix this soon because the game is going to be unplayable if everyone picks up on it.”

    Fans react to insta-kill melee bug

    A soldier running to jump from a plane in Warzone 2.0.

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    Fans have taken to the comment section of the video to share their feelings on the bug and are obviously not happy about it. “Ohh that’s why I got one-shotted!” says one comment, while another adds,”Thanks for explaining the bug. Hope they will fix is fast [sic].”

    “A third said, “Looks like I’m not playing ranked for a while.. sounds good to me.” Worringly, a fourth concluded, “Well….this is happening all the way since Season 3…ppl are just started to notice it!” If this is the case, don’t expect the devs to fix it anytime soon. 

    It’s a real problem, but sadly, it’s one on top of a stack of others. Warzone 2 is pretty buggy, and as we inevitably look ahead to the release of Modern Warfare 3 and another overhaul, it’s hard to hold out hope for a fix. Nestle in, soldiers – it’s going to be a long season.



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