One Punch Man – The strongest ranked list for the best heroes


    Updated on June 13, 2024. – Version: 1.5.2 – Latest additions: [Mega Extreme] bangpo, [Mega Awakened] Boros

    In our One Punch Man – Strongest Tier list, we’ve ranked every hero available in the game at global launch. The grade list is divided into different grades, with the highest being “S” and the lowest being “D”.

    Here, you’ll find every hero currently available to summon and collect in One Punch Man – The Strongest, ranked according to the various factors we used to rank each hero. . Each character in the game is different from each other and has a distinct play style. Players can decide whether or not they want to invest their scarce resources into a particular hero by referring to the ranking in the tier list.

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    One Punch Man – Strongest Tier List

    In One Punch Man – The Strongest, players can summon their favorite heroes using the Recruit System which uses the familiar gacha system. Each hero in the game is given a base rarity and a specific role. The game offers a variety of collectible heroes, each with their own skills and abilities. Here are all the character rarities you will find in the game.

    • SSR Heroes – The most rare of available heroes. They have some great stats and abilities.
    • SR Heroes – The second most rare of heroes available after SSR. These characters have average base stats and abilities. They are not necessarily bad but not top notch.
    • R Heroes — Least rare. They are not desirable and should be avoided due to their low base stats and undervalued abilities.

    I One Punch Man – Strongest Tier List, we will be ranking all the heroes based on their basic stats, abilities and their usage in different areas of content available in the game. Naturally, SSR heroes will be at the top of the tier list while R heroes will be at the bottom.

    Don’t worry if your favorite hero in One Punch Man – The Strongest is not available in the tier list yet. The game is still quite new and was recently launched globally. We’ll make sure to include new heroes as they’re released, adjusting the tier list in case of any balance changes. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back in the future for the latest versions of the rank list.

    Without further ado, click the big blue button to view the tier list for One Punch Man – The Strongest!


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