One-Punch Man: Saitama’s Best Moments, Ranked


From his ketchup and mustard hero swimsuit to his clean stare, One-Punch Man, the self-defined “hero for fun”, does not appear to be having a lot. In his quest to battle the monsters of his world, he merely acquired too highly effective.

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Now, wishing just for a worthy preventing opponent, Saitama’s above-and-beyond energy results in some superb and hilarious outcomes. The best possible Saitama moments begin with:


10/10 Video Game Punch

The strongest man on the earth and 4th highest S Class Hero, King reveals that he is been given credit score for Saitama’s heroic deeds and that the “King’s Engine” shouldn’t be the supply of his energy however the sound of his terrified heartbeat.

This makes the listing as a result of it lastly reveals the way it’s attainable that Saitama’s efforts in monster slaying have been ignored. It additionally results in Saitama making his solely good friend. He and King kind a friendship that Saitama instantly abuses in borrowing King’s video game with out asking, however the two of them are cute as hell.

9/10 Low Blow Punch

After being confronted by Speed ‘o Sonic Sound, Saitama unintentionally punches him within the crotch. Off the bat, Sonic will get offended that One-Punch Man can “read” his speedy actions and explains that his delight will not enable him to move by. Yet after a flurry of hyper-fast strikes imply to intimidate him, Saitama will get bored once more and asks “can I go home now?”

It’s at that second when One-Punch Man’s closed fist unintentionally hits Sonic within the crotch and Sonic vows to be Saitama’s biggest enemy and prepare to in the future defeat him, simply as quickly as he recovers. Against anybody else, Speed o’ Sonic Sound is almost undefeatable however on this case, Saitama wasn’t even preventing again. Talk a couple of blow to at least one’s delight.

8/10 Charanko Punch

When a curious One-Punch Man enters a martial arts event, he defeats the strongest fighter accidentally. Buying a wig in an effort to enter underneath a distinct identify as a result of he missed registration, Saitama shortly strikes up by way of the brackets. One-Punch Man ultimately faces Suiryu, the one one within the event who appears to be sturdy sufficient to offer Saitama a style of what martial arts are like.

One-Punch spends the whole battle attempting to maintain his wig from flying off. Then he sends Suiryu flying into the stands with an unintended hip-check. Eventually, Saitama concludes that martial arts are simply “a way to move around all cool like.” In normal with the satire of the anime, One-Punch Man will get disqualified from the event as a result of his wig will get knocked off, and although he was annihilated from not even a single thrown blow from Saitama, Suiryu nonetheless wins.

7/10 Hero Registry Punch

After getting satisfied to hitch the Hero Association by Genos, Satiama should take the qualifying checks to get his “hero ranking”. As anticipated, he destroys the document for each bodily take a look at he takes and simply his presence makes many tryouts stop on the spot. He laps folks operating. Jumps by way of the ceiling, and Whack-A-Moles the poor creatures to extinction. His written checks although are barely satisfactory as our strongest hero shouldn’t be too sensible.

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So his mixed rating places him within the “C” rating whereas his mentee, Genos, will get ranked “S” tier immediately. Again, this reveals simply a lot stronger One-Punch Man is in comparison with the world round him. Yet in some way, with hilarious irony, he will get put into the identical hero tier as Mumen Rider, who rides a bicycle as his hero energy.

6/10 Carnage Kabuto Punch

Early on, the anime tempts viewers with the thought that Saitama has a challenger. One of the primary to counsel that is Carnage Kabuto. He’s an enormous humanoid / beetle hybrid that, when realizing that Saitama’s energy might threaten him, mutates into his highly effective purple and inexperienced kind referred to as, Carnage Mode. This is when it looks like Kabuto would possibly really problem Saitama as he is placed on his again foot at first.

The battle appears shut for a number of seconds. After listening to that Carnage Kabuto’s Carnage Mode takes an entire week to subside although, One-Punch Man freaks out. Thinking he is missed a sale at his favourite grocery retailer, Saitama ends the battle immediately. Genos reminds him they nonetheless have time in the event that they hurry. This second additionally will get factors for Saitama revealing his coaching secrets and techniques: 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10k run day-after-day!

5/10 Sushi Origin Punch

Three years earlier than he ever grew to become One-Punch Man and went bald from coaching, the job-seeking Saitama has an encounter with a crab-man monster. Angered at having nipples drawn on him by a child with an overgrown chin, Crablante seeks revenge however leaves the unemployed Saitama alone due to his lifeless eyes. Later, Saitama tries to avoid wasting the child by preventing Crablante.

He will get pummeled however on the final second, Saitama makes use of his job-interview tie to snag Crablante’s eye and disembowel him. As an origin, it is fantastic to witness Saitama’s ardour to battle monsters earlier than he had the ability of his one punch. The second is bittersweet, although, because the battle was maybe the final problem he confronted since turning into too sturdy for any glory in battle.

4/10 Misunderstanding Punch

Garou, the self-made “Hero Hunter” is challenged solely by the highest fighters on the earth. After seeing him take out some very sturdy heroes like Tanktop Master, Garou inadvertently has two brutal interactions with Saitama. In the primary occasion, Garou misunderstands Saitama as a hero who’s attempting to cease his rampage towards the Hero Association. Realistically, Saitama is simply speaking aloud to a wig he will purchase to impersonate Charanko. Thinking he’ll take One-Punch Man out with one blow, Garou offers a full-force strike solely to see Saitama, in among the best moments within the anime, simply take a look at him with such confusion. One-Punch Man is baffled and throws a pathetic judo chop that drops Garou immediately.

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In the second assembly, Saitama is strolling with King down the road and having a pleasant dialog when Garou sees King. Sensing a possibility, Garou lunges at King and with one low-effort kick, One-Punch Man sends Garou flying by way of a constructing whereas muttering about how annoying it have to be for King. The motive these two moments are listed as one right here is that it is primarily the identical interplay twice. Again, it reveals how One-Punch Man exists outdoors any conceivable energy dynamic the remainder of his world has.

3/10 Genos Pretend Punch

Genos is a cyborg hero who pursues justice after one other extremely highly effective cyborg attacked his village as a toddler. Seeking to avenge his mom’s loss of life, Genos is consistently growing his energy with new robotic elements and upgrades. He’s additionally one of many few individuals who understands Saitama’s true energy. So after taking over Genos as a pupil of his, Saitama is requested for a sparring session by the younger cyborg.

Genos has unbelievable firepower, pace, energy however Saitama dodges all his over-the-top assaults. After begging One-Punch to not maintain again, Saitama lastly throws one mock punch at Genos. With a tiny jab that does not even join, a Grand-Canyon-sized gap explodes behind Genos and One Punch asks if he is prepared for some lunch.

2/10 Subterranean Punches

Saitama has his first actual battle as a hero and reveals not solely his potential energy however his craving for a worthy opponent. Sleeping soundly in his mattress, Saitama is woke up by his home being demolished. He’s thrown down the road in his PJ’s and confronted with a race of large underground monsters name Subterraneans.

As the monsters get bigger in numbers and dimension and Saitama exclaims, “it’s been so long I forgot the exhilaration of a real fight!” This second has among the most epic preventing animation within the collection. Just as he is about to tackle the big Subterranean King, who has 4 arms and glowing swords, his alarm clock goes off and Saitama wakes up. It was all a dream. In the waking world, the true monsters do present up outdoors however after one excited kick from Saitama, they run away leaving a white flag that simply states, “sorry about that.”

1/10 Serious Punch

Yes, lastly an actual battle in the true (anime) world. Is it although? Saitama has his most epic standoff but as he faces Boros, Dominator of the Universe, an alien from house who’s traveled from mild years away. Boros follows a prophecy {that a} worthy fighter may very well be discovered on earth. So he brings his greatest spaceship, vaporizes the primary metropolis they run into, and waits for the strongest defenders to point out up. After Saitama fights his means by way of the inside, he faces Boros whose pace and energy appear on par with our hero at first. As they destroy the ship and speed-fight quicker than human notion permits, they find yourself outdoors the ship and that is the place a legendary occasion occurs.

Boros smacks Saitama so arduous he flies into the moon. Once he jumps again from house although, Boros recieves the one and solely “serious punch” that Saitama has ever thrown. This annihilates the Dominator of the Universe and explodes his physique. Across half of the globe, each cloud within the sky elements from One-Punch Man’s first and solely severe punch. As he lies dying on the ship, Boros admits he by no means had an opportunity and guesses that Saitama was humoring him within the battle.

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