One Piece’s Worst Generation, Ranked By Intelligence


The Worst Generation was a gaggle of unrelated pirates who all arrived on Sabaody Archipelago on the similar time. Although seemingly irrelevant at first, they later performed large roles in One Piece‘s New World saga.

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Throughout Luffy’s adventures, he has made pals and enemies with the Worst Generation’s different captains. Their various ranges of intelligence have been each a boon and a detriment, with many forging short-term alliances of comfort.

10/10 Luffy Is Notorious For His Bad Decisions

Despite being the strongest member of the Worst Generation, Luffy’s judgment leaves a lot to be desired. He will consistently leap into conditions with out understanding them and belief individuals who don’t deserve his belief. In many instances, Luffy’s actions have put his crew at direct threat.

For instance, he attracted the marines to the Sabaody Archipelago by punching Charloss. Should Kuma not have been there to avoid wasting them, Kizaru would have captured and certain executed the Straw Hats. Unfortunately, two years have completed little to quell Luffy’s spontaneous and impulsive nature.

9/10 Urouge Doesn’t Have Much Of A Plan

“Mad Monk” Urouge was a large man who wielded a big, pillar-like weapon. Out of the complete Worst Generation, he appears the least targeted on a single aim. Instead, he wanders about encountering numerous threats and testing his mettle towards them.

To Urouge’s credit score, he is at the least competent sufficient to defeat Sweet General Cracker. However, his lack of a palpable goal signifies that the opposite captains are at a far higher benefit than he’s. This will inevitably mirror of their bounties as they rise to prominence whereas he falls from it.

8/10 X Drake Was A Failure Of A Spy

X Drake masqueraded as a member of the Worst Generation in order that he might keep watch over them for the World Government. When ambushed by Kaido, he was conscripted into the Beast Pirates and joined willingly. For Drake, the one factor this modified was the character of the knowledge he’d be relaying.

Unfortunately, Drake was a comparatively ineffective spy. He did not relay notably helpful data that CP0 would not have recognized in any other case and bought uncovered by Queen shortly into the Onigashima invasion. In the top, not even the Straw Hats totally trusted him as a result of his duplicitous nature.

7/10 Scratchman Apoo Is Fairly Shallow But Prudent

“Scratchman” Apoo was a musician in service of the Beast Pirates. Unlike Hawkins or Drake, he joined them willingly in hopes of turning into an influential member. However, Apoo drastically overestimated the benevolence of Kaido and his henchmen.

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During the Onigashima invasion, he was utterly unprepared for Queen’s betrayal or the hordes of people that would pursue him for the ice oni antidote. Having betrayed the Worst Generation and been betrayed by the Beast Pirates, Apoo is now much more alone than X Drake. His lack of a crew actually does not do him any favors.

6/10 Kid Was Smart But Impetuous

Like Luffy, Captain Kid was usually too reckless for his personal good. He drew pointless consideration to himself consistently, whether or not trying to indicate off towards the marines at Sabaody or standing as much as Kaido when nobody else did.

However, Kid is considerably extra crafty than what most give him credit score for. He managed to flee Udon effectively earlier than Luffy did and practically killed Big Mom by himself by figuring out Zeus’ weak spot. Cunning and underhanded, Kid will make a tough opponent if he and the Straw Hats ever turn into enemies.

5/10 Hawkins Makes The Most Logical Choices He Can

Hawkins usually takes probably the most prudent alternative, comparable to trying to flee Sabaody and aligning with Kaido when confronted by him. When mixed together with his fortune-based affinities, this implies that he’ll survive longer than many different members of the Worst Generation.

However, Hawkins’ urge to make protected selections is on the expense of his ambitions. Therefore, regardless that he could also be marginally smarter than different pirates, his reluctance to place his mind to good use is a serious credit score towards him.

4/10 Jewelry Bonney Knows How To Get Out Of Bad Situations

Despite being the unluckiest member of the Worst Generation, Jewelry Bonney is aware of the right way to get out of a pinch. She escaped Blackbeard, prevented Charloss from murdering Zoro, and even infiltrated the Reverie by posing as an outdated lady. This conveys her intelligence in a particularly favorable mild even when she has not appeared as steadily as different Supernovas.

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Recently, Bonney enlisted the help of the Straw Hat Pirates on Egghead Island. Considering their observe report of success, Bonney’s alternative of allies is certain to provide favorable outcomes.

3/10 Trafalgar Law Is A Prudent Young Man With Great Judgment

Trafalgar Law’s potential to maintain a degree head permits him to outlive the direst of conditions. Whether escaping at Sabaody or in Marineford, he makes use of his Devil Fruit to ensure the security of his crew in nearly each state of affairs.

Law additionally understands the right way to make use of his talents intelligently in a battle. For instance, he swapped his personal physique with considered one of Doflamingo’s henchmen so as to misdirect the warlord’s assaults. Once Doflamingo was happy that Law had died, Law switched locations once more and helped Luffy launch a counterstrike.

2/10 Bege Was A Brilliant Cutthroat From The West Blue

“Big Gang” Bege embodies all the things it means to be a pirate and gangster. In his youth, he rapidly attained a repute as a lethal legal by betraying others and seizing their legal empires. He proved equally treacherous in the course of the Whole Cake Island arc when trying to assassinate Big Mom alongside the Straw Hat Pirates.

Given the in depth analysis he carried out into the emperor’s weak spot, he got here stunningly near ending her off despite his in any other case low offensive potential. Bege’s duplicity was not utterly egocentric. He additionally wished closure for his spouse, who Big Mom unfairly made a goal.

1/10 Blackbeard Has The Entire World Wrapped Around His Finger

Despite his crass and raucous demeanor, Blackbeard is surprisingly clever. So far, all of his targets have come to fruition with no hitch. He used Whitebeard to grab the Dark-Dark Fruit, captured Ace as a bargaining chip for the World Government, after which betrayed everybody so as to seize the Tremor-Tremor Fruit all whereas liberating a brand new crew of lethal inmates from Impel Down.

Blackbeard’s sense of opportunism is why his comrades now have among the most dangerous Devil Fruits in historical past. He stays the one most diabolical emperor to at the moment plague the excessive seas.

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