One Piece’s 10 Most Iconic Scars


The majority of anime titles favor to maintain very best appearances. One Piece deviated from the norm. Oda wrote his characters to the purpose that even the blemishes on their pores and skin bear a deeper that means. Some folks might not benefit from the franchise as a result of they discover the character design ugly or unappealing.

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One Piece’s protagonists change into extra relatable to audiences when they’re lower than excellent. The manner scars mirror flaws reveals how folks come from totally different walks of life and that greatness comes with sacrifices. The pirates and Marines have scars in widespread, and numerous them even change into well-known for it.

This checklist accommodates spoilers for One Piece manga arcs which have but to be tailored into the anime.

10/10 The Two Tales Of The X On Luffy’s Chest

There’s no questioning Luffy’s place within the Big Three. There are many nice issues about Luffy. At the start of his pirate journey, he stabbed himself beneath the attention to show his bravery to Shanks. Much later within the story, he acquired a good larger X-shaped scar on his chest.

During the Marineford Arc, Luffy remained in a state of shock after witnessing his brother’s demise. Jimbei, who carried him in his arms, bought attacked by Akainu. The hit pierced by means of Jimbei’s chest and imprinted on Luffy’s pores and skin. An different story comes from the 2003 video game when Zoro bought hypnotized and inflicted a wound on Luffy throughout battle.

9/10 A Young Sabo Fell Victim To A Celestial Dragon

Anime watchers stay unaware of Sabo’s standing and whereabouts. As one among Luffy’s sworn brothers, Sabo nonetheless has a job to play earlier than One Piece ends. At a younger age, Sabo suffered from severe burns after Saint Jalmack, a Celestial Dragon, shot his fishing boat for elevating a pirate flag.

Sabo grew to hate his noble heritage and begged his rescuer, Monkey D. Dragon, to let him be a part of the Revolutionary Army. Despite desirous to be a pirate like Ace and Luffy, Sabo grew to become the Chief of Staff for the opposing group to the World Government.

8/10 Zoro Received A Souvenir From Mihawk While Training

One perk of being Roronoa Zoro consists of getting to coach with the World’s Strongest Swordsman. During the two-year timeskip, Bartholomew Kuma transported Zoro to Kuraigana Island. At the identical time, former Warlord Dracule Mihawk lived there.

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Zoro thought that, to be able to be the very best swordsman, he wanted to be educated by one. The scar on his left eye occurred throughout a sparring session. When Mihawk attacked, Zoro was presupposed to dodge proper, however as a substitute, he dodged left. This incorrect transfer induced him to have a everlasting mark working from his brow right down to his left cheek.

7/10 Blackbeard Clawed Shanks’ Face After Their Crew Disbanded

It stays to be seen whether or not Shanks is able to dropping, contemplating that he has the fifth-highest bounties of all time. With Kaido and Big Mom defeated, followers marvel what his subsequent encounter with Luffy goes to be like, now that Luffy has change into an emperor himself.

During Shanks’ time with the Roger Pirates, he did not have the three-striped scar on his left eye. There’s no clear clarification as to how he bought this by the point he met Luffy in Foosha Village. According to fan theories, Blackbeard inflicted the wound on Shanks’ face utilizing a claw after the Roger Pirates bought disbanded.

6/10 Fujitora’s Blindness Was Self-Inflicted

Fujitora stays a crowd favourite amongst antagonists who aren’t precisely evil. He resembles Zatoichi, the fictional character from the eponymous 1962 tv collection. While Zatoichi bought his blindness as a toddler because of sickness, Fujitora voluntarily blinded himself.

In an try to now not see the atrocities of the world, Zatoichi slashed each his eyes and later shaped the x-shaped scar on his brow that extends to each eyes. He believes some issues are higher off not being seen. Thanks to his Kenbunshoku Haki, he can nonetheless understand and sense by means of his thoughts’s eye.

5/10 Rayleigh’s Scar Foreshadows A Parallel To The Future Pirate King

Rayleigh served as a mentor determine for Luffy and the Straw Hats, particularly through the two-year timeskip when he educated Luffy to change into stronger. Silvers Rayleigh, also called the Dark King, was a member of the Roger Pirates as the primary mate.

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Just like Luffy’s first mate, Zoro, Rayleigh additionally has a scar working by means of his proper eye. Since each Zoro and Rayleigh are swordsmen, theories counsel that Rayleigh additionally bought this throughout battle. While there is not any backstory given as to how he bought it, there’s additionally a chance that Oda created a parallel to point out that Rayleigh is to Roger like Zoro is to Luffy.

4/10 Whitebeard Fought His Way To Become The Strongest

Whitebeard could also be gone too quickly, however he is aware of the way to go away an affect and legacy for the remainder of the world. Just like Roger, he is aware of in regards to the Will of D and the existence of the One Piece treasure. As the strongest man on this planet, solely somebody with equal energy can probably go away a scar on him.

During Whitebeard’s days battling with Gol D. Roger, the scar on the heart of his chest seems to be the oldest and most obvious of all of them. There’s no clear proof that Roger gave it to him, however in Chapter 966, he talked about that taking a look at Shanks makes his scars ache. Scars he significantly bought from a sure “him” that may solely be assumed to be Roger.

3/10 Only Two People Have Hurt Kaido

Unlike Kaido’s baby, Yamato, Kaido’s look is something however flawless. Ever since his battle with Kozuki Oden, he has had an enormous and deep X-shaped scar on his chest. Oda in all probability loves the phrase “X marks the spot” due to its connection to discovering treasure.

Since Kaido ate a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit that turns him right into a dragon, inflicting battle wounds turns into a tough process. The solely identified folks to ever wound Kaido are Oden and Zoro. Both of them possess the Conqueror’s Haki and have wielded not less than two of the 21 Great Swords — Ame no Habakiri, Enma, and Wado Ichimonji.

2/10 Crocodile’s Facial Stitch Remains A Mystery

Crocodile owns the Devil Fruit powers with the power to govern and remodel into sand. This fits his position as the principle antagonist through the Alabasta arc. For his character design, the sew on his face is but to be revealed by Oda. It’s potential that he drew it simply because it appears to be like cool.

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The easiest clarification might be battle scars since drawings of Crocodile as a toddler do not present the scar. On the opposite hand, followers have totally different theories to help their declare. One idea mentions Crocodile dropping to Whitebeard, the strongest man on this planet. While some suspect one thing to do with Crocodile’s secret previous involving gender reassignment utilizing Ivankov’s Horu Horu no Mi.

1/10 Post-Timeskip Eustass Kid Suffered A Lot Of Physical Trauma

Eustass Kid is a typical antihero. Despite not being chummy with Luffy and Law, they share the identical objective of taking down the 2 Emperors. After the timeskip, Eustass Kid’s look remodeled, dropping a limb and getting scars on his face and physique.

Eustass Kid’s arm bought amputated throughout a confrontation with Shanks, however the particulars concerning the burn marks weren’t specified. As somebody with burn scars himself, he appears to search for “the man marked by flames” as the important thing to discovering One Piece. Since the story reaches its remaining arcs, these mysteries are certain to come back to gentle or stay unknown perpetually.

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