One Piece Chapter 1064 Recap & Spoilers: Egghead Labophase


The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1064 “Egghead Labopphase” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English on Viz Media.

As Luffy, Bonney, Jimbei, and Chopper explore Egghead in One piece‘s Chapter 1063, they meet a familiar enemy: a pacifist. The robot tries to arrest them for not paying for the city’s goods and services. The Pacifista shoots them down with his lasers, causing the group to flee. But just as Luffy is about to fight back, Bonney stops him from doing anything else. That’s when Big Eater reveals that his father, who was turned into a mindless human weapon by Dr. Vegapunk, is none other than Bartholomew Kuma. The Pacifista, however, does not remember her. He tries to take her down, leading Luffy to put himself in harm’s way to save her from the laser.

Meanwhile, there is another encounter in another part of the New World. Blackbeard and his crew set up an ambush for one of the three captains who defeated Kaido. His strategy works. The moment Law’s crew enter their range, Blackbeard and his men begin their assault. Doc Q unleashes the power of his Sick-Sick no Mi, turning Law into a woman. Von Augur then follows up with his Warp-Warp Fruit to transport them to the island, where the rest of the crew is waiting. Upon arrival, Jesus Burgess immediately throws a mountain at Law and his crew. Law manages to cut him down, and that’s when the Cursed Emperor makes his grand entrance. He reveals that his plan to steal the Ley Road Ponegliffs has been stacked up.

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In Chapter 1064, Blackbeard also begins to make his move. He chases after Law as the latter tries to run away from his ambush. Law effectively relays his orders to his crew, while also preventing the Emperor from pursuing him. Blackbeard unleashes the power of his Quake-Quake Fruit to stop Law’s men from fleeing, and Doc Q continues to throw a basket of exploding apples at them. However, Shachi, one of Law’s crew members, manages to shoot them down before they hit the ground. When Von Augur tries to attack Law, Jean Bart, the pirate Law freed and recruited from being a slave, uses his body to protect the captain from him.

Law lands a blow on Blackbeard using the powers of his Devil Fruit Awakening. Seeing the damage, Von Augur immediately teleports his captain to safety. However, the Emperor quickly returns to the battle. Law realizes that all of Blackbeard’s men now have a Devil Fruit power, something Blackbeard does not deny. The Emperor even goes so far as to justify that the risk of having the sea as a weakness outweighs the benefits of acquiring such powers. While Law is busy dealing with Blackbeard, his men attack the Emperor’s ship underwater. The attack causes turbulence and one of the prison guards apologizes to his prisoner, Charlotte Pudding, for it.

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On Winner Island, Akainu and the Marines receive a report on the confrontation between Law and Blackbeard. Akainu lets out his frustration at not being able to join the battle. Back at Egghead, the Pacifista finally stops his pursuit of the quartet. Bonney disguises them by making them younger or older. Jimbei then talks about what he knows about Kuma. According to him, the former warlord is known to have started out as an evil king of the Sherbet Kingdom. He later joins the Revolutionary Army and is captured by the Navy. Dr. Vegapunk takes an interest in his physique and makes him the subject of multiple experiments. In exchange, Kuma regains his freedom by becoming Warlord of the Sea. However, Bonney refutes those claims.

Bonney insists that her father is not a tyrant. She further explains that Kuma hates the World Government and thus will never work for them. She states that the experimentation is forced on her, further stating that it is basically murder in the name of science. The female pirate also reveals that Kuma is supposed to be a member of a certain special force.

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Meanwhile, Vegaforce-01 is taking the Thousand Sunny and the other Straw Hats out of the air. The robot supposedly uses anti-gravity technology and jet propulsion to shoot itself up. While in the air, the Straw Hats can clearly see the entirety of the island. They also see the futuristic city, where Luffy and the others are wreaking havoc. Lilith confirms her suspicion, saying that Egghead is the island where the future is being built. She further explains that above the clouds is Labophase, the facility where all research takes place. Beneath that labophase is the fabiophase. It is where the production and the residences of the researchers are located.

Nami and the others get off the Thousand Sunny upon reaching Labophase, but Zoro and Brook decide to stay. They both stand guard on the ship and Zoro adds that he doesn’t trust Lilith. The first thing Nami and the others notice is the familiarity of the land. It looks a lot like the one in Sky Islands, which Lilith also confirms. It is created artificially through some scientific process. After dressing up in the proper attire, everyone heads to the lab. His clothes resemble the ones Luffy and the others wore in Fabriophase. Inside the lab, Shaka the Good is on a call. He lets out the sorrows of him for being a genius. He claims that being a genius also means knowing of his imminent death. Before that, he wants the person on the other end of the line to hear him. The person he is talking to is none other than the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monker D. Dragon.

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