On the iPhone and Android, COD Modern Warfare 2: the free clone Combat Master is all for a tyre



    While waiting for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile to arrive in territories outside Australia, where it’s already available to download, the new clone of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 per iOS e Android.

    We are talking about Combat Master Mobile. This multiplayer shooter is available on the main mobile platforms, and does not only offer game mechanics with those of the last episode of Activision, but also menu and structure. One must look at the system weapon modification on the screen to unlock the Pass in the Season 1, or a symbol of the activation of the Double XP Tokens to show the many similarities.

    The download link to the different mobile stores is helpful for you who want to try the title.

    Obviously we don’t know whether the game will live for many more years, despite the fact that in cases like these, the authors of the cloned title may decide to intervene legally, a little like what happened last a few days ago when the developers sued HyperFront.



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