Old School RuneScape - How to Make Money By Selling Items

This guide will show any Players (Especially New Players) which items you can sell, and how you can make money from Junk in OSRS.


Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial on how to make money from Junk, this is a small but in depth guide to earning money in OSRS by selling Junk.

Some of these techniques are just really good Money Making techniques for Newbies and some of these items are simply high demand items and not everyone knows that people ACTUALLY want them.

Collecting Beads from Imps

The White Bead, Red Bead, Yellow Bead and Black Bead are used to complete the Imp Catcher Quest… However, unlike most Quests, you can collect these beads even when the Quest has been completed.

If you kill 10 imps you might get 1-3 beads… they can sell between 1000GP Each to 4000GP Each.

Although this is not the Best money making method, it is a way to collect Junk that a Monster drops and sell it for money at the Grand Exchange.

Collecting Feather from Chickens

Feathers are nowhere near as profitable as they were before Rs3 (Before the Bots depleted the Demand for Feathers)… Back in 2009 Feathers were worth 30GP / Each…

Now and days they are only worth 3GP / Each, which isn’t as good (obviously), however, most Newbies training their Combat will train on Chickens… Almost every Chicken drops between 5-15 Feathers (It’s about 3 in every 4 Chickens you Kill)…

If you’re training your Strength to Level 20 you’ll probablu kill enough Chickens to earn 2000-3000 Feathers, which can be sold in the Grand Exchange for 6,000GP – 9,000GP (3 GP Each).

Some players may not see Feathers as Junk worth Selling because Feathers can be useful for Fly Fishing or Fletching Arrows (In Members World).

But, if you have no use for Feathers,you may as well still collect them, they’re stackable so it will only take up 1 inventory space and they ARE worth your Gold for training Combat.

Collecting Cow Hides

Another Animal you’ll commonly kill is Cows when first training your Combat Level… When Killing Cows they will 100% of the time drop 1 Bones, 1 Raw Meat and 1 Cow Hide… You may want to pick up the Raw Meat for one of the next methods in my Guide, but for now, we’ll focus on Cow Hides.

Unlike Chicken Feathers, Cow Hides are NOT stackable so you can only carry a Maximum of 28 Cow Hides per Inventory… It is not worth it to go to the GE with only 28 Cow Hides, luckily there is a Bank in the Lumbridge Castle on the 3rd Floor… It’s a little bit of a walk which slows down time spent training Combat, but in my opinion it gave me a break from Skilling, gave me a Goal (I’ll have 2 Levels before THIS Bank Run, I’ll have 2 Bank Runs before my Next Level, etc.) and helped me earn Money while training Combat.

Cow Hides are worth about 155GP / Each in the Grand Exchange.

If you go to Alkharid to use the Tanner, you can run from the Bank in Alkharid to the Tanner in Alkharid for 28 Leather every 30 Seconds to 1 Minute.

The Leather costs 2GP/Cow Hide and will raise its value from 155GP (Cow Hide) to 212GP (Hard Leather)…

Leather/Hard Leather can also be used to train Crafting.

Collect Ashes

Ashes on the Free to Play World are a pretty useless item as you will almost never need Ashes unless you’re a Member.

When you burn Logs in OSRS, they will turn into Ashes (everytime) when the Fire goes out.

Ashes are not Stackable, but since you can light a Fire anywhere, you can Burn Logs and Collect Ashes right beside the Bank in Old School RuneScape (You’re not allowed to Burn Logs directly inside the Bank though.

Ashes in the Members World can be used for different purposes including Herbology.

Ashes sell in the Grand Exchange for 45GP/Each, meaning for 1 Pocket you’ll make 1,260GP from Ashes which is worth it for an item most people see as Junk.

Collecting Crushed Gems

This Method and the Next Method are not well known to all Players.

Crushed Gems are received when you try to Cut a Gem (Using Crafting) and fail to Cut the Gem it will then become a Crushed Gem…

Crushed Gems are almost completely useless… Almost…

You can’t sell Crushed Gems in the Grand Exchange so they have no Real Value…

However, because they are tradeable but unable to sell on the Grand Exchange, some Players Collect Crushed Gems as a Rare Item (Since it’s impossible to get at a High Crafting Level.

Crushed Gems will typically sell for 250GP Each.

You will need to find a Buyer though… In order to find a Buyer, go to the Grand Exchange in the Trade World and Shout Out “Selling Crushed Gems” or look for someone saying “Buying Crushed Gems”, and make the trade.

Selling Burnt Food

This is another Collectors Item not many people know about.

Like Crushed Gems, Burnt Food is Tradeable but you can’t sell it on the Grand Exchange… The higher your Cooking Level is, the harder it is to Burn your Food, eventually it becomes impossible to Burn Food…

Because it is a Newbie Item and it’s a Collectable, many players will collect Burnt Meats… The prices can range from 50GP/Each to 150GP/Each.

You would think Shark would be the most in Demand for Burnt Meats since you need to be Level 80 to Cook Shark… But Shark are Common Foods…

Shrimp being a Low Level Food are one of the most Rare Foods since you’ll need to be below Level 20 Cooking to Burn Shrimp.

As I said moments ago, Shrimp are one of the more Rare Burnt Items and people that are Collecting Burnt Meats would love to get some Burnt Shrimp to add to their Collection.

Burnt Shrimp sells between 100GP Each to 150GP Each.

Burnt Shark are worth Collecting for a Collector, but it’s much easier to find someone selling Burnt Shark than Burnt Bread or Burnt Shrimp. Burnt Shark will typically sell for 50GP Each to 75GP Each.

In order to find someone buying Burnt Food, go to the Grand Exchange on the Trade World and look for someone saying “Buying Burnt Food” or “Buying Burnts” and trade them…

If you don’t see anyone Buying, simply shout “Selling Burnt Food!” and wait for someone to trade you.

One thing to remember is that Collectors collect ALL Burnt Food and the harder it is to get (The Lower Level Items) the more it’s worth.

Closing Statement

The object of this Guide was to Teach every Player, especially New Players how they can Earn Money Selling their Junk…

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Thank You all for inspiring me to write this Guide.

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