Old G fail. Legendary lineup doesn’t make the cut at current Dota Pro Circuit



    It was an ordinary morning for the 2fans of OGDota. TheOld Gsquad featuring Topson, n0tail and Ceb was scheduled to play in the final round of the Western European Closed Qualifiers.

    Many people expect them to cope without a battle. For example, in the case of Old G, nothing went on until the end of the season, and one of the upsets made it even worse.

    ruined pic.twitter.com/dXLMCzVlgA.

    OG 22:2022 November 2022.

    Old Gs first series aired in front of the Ooredoo Thunder (OT), a high-ranking player from the region. However, the way Old G used to snowball matches throughout the qualifiers, was quite surprised to see how evenly matched the two teams were.

    From the start, Old G failed to take off as Wellson and Noone had lost their money in the match. The team executed a clear and studied plan in both of the matches, leading the team to the lower scup.

    Old G’s backs fell against the wall in their second series as the final chance to make it to division two went through Monaspa, which includes household names like W1sh, Skylark and SsaSpartan.

    Since the beginning of the world, the cores of the movie were not there for everyone. Although Monaspa kept control throughout both matches, OG found themselves trying to catch up.


    Even though there was a slight glimmer of hope, Monaspa continued to dominate the map. This meant that OGs catch-up attempts were met with ganks that looked to crush any remaining hope they had.

    Since these trouble annoys elderly G members, they need to pack their mouse and keyboard at least until the second DPC-Tour. If they are not looking for the chance to be competitive in third parties, then they won’t be able to play the first tour of the 2023 DPC, but future is a mystery.



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