Oil – How to use hypsi correctly.


    This guide tells you how to properly use Hypsilophodon of the Evrima branch!

    A guide to using Hypsi correctly

    What is Hypsilophodon?

    Hypsilophodon, or Hypsi, Hypso, Hypsil is a herbivore in the Evrima branch. When you mature automatically because there’s no reason to spend 10 minutes growing a driversource, the other fastest growing ones will take 20-30 minutes.

    First use: Nesting

    It is most likely that the developers want us to play Hypsilophodon.

    Notice how I said earlier that Hypsilophodon takes 10 minutes to grow, making it the shortest possible time, yet it begins to mature?

    A nest will contain 6 eggs to start with, but they may be rotten. This is from you. If it’s getting too cold, add more Hypsilophodons until it warms up. Babies cannot warm the nest.

    Baby fish will need to be fed for about half of their lives, and then they will need to eat and drink on their own.

    If you find 2 other Hypsilophodons, the third one will still be able to help. It turns out that any adult Hypsilophodon can feed hatchlings without them being their own!

    Another use: to annoy others

    This may be normal as most Hypsilophodons do not find mates as they are generally seen as useless.

    To offend others, all you have to do is spit on them. You can even force people to their deaths! Here are examples:

    1. Trick them into following you, blind them, and if they’re crazy enough they’ll fall off a cliff.
    2. Spit on those in combat, causing them to be blinded and unable to see the next Stegosaurus tail spike.

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