Official Xbox wraps are on the way



    Console customisation has been around for as long as consoles have been around, from stickers slapped haphazardly on SNES consoles to dedicated wrap stickers on the most modern hardware.

    It’s clear that companies know that, with Sony creating its own faceplates so that fans can make their PS5 feel as retro or modern as they like – just look at the Spider-Man 2 collaboration.ย And now, it looks like Xbox is getting in on the fun.

    Xbox introduces official console wraps

    It looks like the Xbox is getting funky. In a first for Xbox, the Series X is gearing up to get some sick new garms, as Microsoft has officially revealed that console wraps for the console are on their way.

    The reveal came primarily for the new Starfield wrap that the console will be getting, which helps it sync nicely with the Starfield controller and headset that the company has also released.

    There are also two camouflage colours to come too, with the Mineral Camo and Artic Camo wrap variants matching their controller counterparts.

    How much are the Xbox wraps?

    Similar in pricing to PlayStation’s faceplates, each of the wraps will be going for $44.99 USD/ยฃ39.99 GBP. There are unofficial ones out there for smaller price tags, but you’ll have to do the hunting for yourselves.ย 

    It’s not bad considering the prices of some customisation options, and it’s not too far away when it comes to actually picking it up either.

    The Camo wraps will appear in the US and Canada on November 10, with the Mineral Camo launching in Europe on the same day. The Starfield wrap is coming to the US, Canada, and Europe on October 18.

    This is a sweet way to customise your consoles, and it’s good that Xbox is catching up when it comes to making your hardware a little bit more you. Just wait for the Xbox fridge wrap – then you’ll have our money.



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