OCO Novice Achievements Guide

OCO Novice Achievements Guide lets you unlock all the achievements in the game.

You get 50 bits for every achievement you complete, therefore, by completing all of them, you get a total of 600 bits, which is a good start if you just begun playing OCO.

Step #1 – Play

Play the first 5 levels of the 1st world (Launch), complete and perfect them.
After you’re done with the 5th one, click the button at the bottom-right corner:
 Camera icon on PC;
 Share button on Mobile.

Quit the Play section and you will get 3 achievements at once:
2 – Economical;
3 – Timely;
12 – Boastful.

Step #2 Create

After completing Step #1, you’ll have at least 1687 bits.
Access the Create section, spend 160 bits  to unlock the Rush block, click  and buy any one of the backgrounds from the Starter section that costs 400 bits .

(In reality you can buy any block and color scheme that you want, this guide just indicates the fastest way to get all the achievements.)

Then create a level(possibly try your best), complete it to verify it and upload it.
A window saying “level uploaded” will appear, click the button at the bottom-right corner:
 on PC;
 on Mobile.

Get back to the main menu and you’ll get:
5 – Creative;
6 – Empowered;
7 – Colourful;
11 – Sharing.

Step #3 Options

Go to Options and click:
Review button on PC;
Rate button on Mobile.

You’ll be brought to OCO’s store page on Steam, iOS, android , you don’t actually have to review/rate the game but, if you do, the developer will surely appreciate it!

Go back to the game, quit the section and you’ll get:
10 – Expressive

Step #4 – Explore

Access the Explore section, play a random auto level (possibly a short one), like it if you want and quit the section to achieve:
8 – Intrepid.

Step #5

This step is a bit longer than the others because it’s up to you:
Just play OCO for a while (I personally suggest the offline levels, in order for you to learn how to play) and you will eventually achieve:

  • 1 – Jumpy [jump 1200 times];
  • 4 – Rich [collect 3000 bits];
  • 9 – Skilled [play for 1 hour].

About the 3rd achievement: the game counter only counts active gameplay, this means that you have to be playing in a level and that if you stay idle for too much time, that time is not counted.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love OCO Novice Achievements guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank ナカVÆLON. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.