OCO Farming In-Game Currencies

Ever wanted to get bits, likes and deltas faster to buy all those wallpapers, colors for your profile and more by OCO Farming In-Game Currencies.
Here are some simple ways to do it!

Farming Delta

This currency can only be obtained in the Olympus section, if you are from a smartphone you must have OCO Pro to access it.

The maximum amount of deltas you can get is 49 per week .

There are 2 modes in Olympus: Speedrun and Marathon .
At the end of the week, by playing them, you receive:

  • 20 deltas if you arrive 1st ;
  • 15 deltas if you arrive 2nd ;
  • 10 deltas if you arrive 3rd ;
  • 7 deltas if you arrive 4th ;
  • 6 deltas if you arrive 5th ;
  • 5 deltas if you arrive 6th ;
  • 4 deltas if you arrive 7th ;
  • 3 deltas if you arrive 8th ;
  • 2 deltas if you arrive 9th ;
  • 1 delta if you arrive 10th .

Some simpler but slower ways to earn deltas are:

  1. Perfect all 6 levels on the Speedrun Practice page – 2 deltas ;
  2. Perfect at least 6 levels out of 9 on the Marathon Practice page – 3 deltas ;
  3. Refine all 9 levels on the Selection page – 4 deltas ;

Farming Bit

In this guide the completion of a level, the achievement of its perfect time and its perfect touches will be called segments, in fact, by perfecting a level, you can see 3 segments appear and each of them is worth a specific amount of bits.

This is the most common currency, you can get it almost anywhere; you receive:

  1. the amount of bits in a level by completing it (min. 1 – max. 20) ;
  2. 20 bits for the completion of an automatic level and for each segment of an easy level ;
  3. 40 bits for each segment of a normal level ;
  4. 50 bits for each goal on the Beginner page ;
  5. 100 bits for each segment of a difficult level and a level from the Play section and for each goal on the Semi-Pro page ;
  6. 150 bits for each segment of an extreme level and for each goal on the Professional page ;
  7. 250 bits for each goal on the Expert page ;
  8. 300 bits for each segment of a definitive level ;
  9. 1000 bits for each goal on the Divine page (except Paradoxical ) .

If that’s not enough, you can get:

  • 50 for each exchanged;
  • 300 for each traded.

Just access the Shop section to trade as many likes / deltas as you want!LikeRead the Rules and Tips page in the Options section before entering Explore!

The only way to get this currency is to create levels and upload them online.
like are given by people who complete your levels, so the best way to get those sparkling blue hearts create beautiful levels.
However, some people may not be familiar with this feature; so, if you see someone who doesn’t like your level, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like you.
For this reason: if the difficulty of your level (s) is easier , you will get more likes but your percentage of creator quality will decrease , while if it is more difficult, you will get fewer likes but your qc% will increase.

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