Obsidian and Microsoft released Pentiment digitally. This sound has been released on vinyl in 2023


    Obsidian Entertainment and Microsoft announced the release of the Pentiment Official Soundtrack today, available on various distribution platforms, and released on vinyl, as well as in 2023 with a double album.

    In line with the games and its different style, the soundtrack shows a world of the 16. To achieve that challenge, Obsidian partnered with Alkemie, which specializes in the restoration of Renaissance music and the use of period instruments.

    The music for the game is original, yet with exact originality, so that the artistic expressions of the era was appreciated. It was produced in a unique way, from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century. In addition to Alkemie, Lingua Ignota, which was formerly known for his song The Traum in the games epilogue was inspired by the German tradition of the Lieder of the 19th century, in an adaptation of the poem I had einst ein schones Vaterland’s German sung poem.

    For this cover, where the style is true, mixed media was combined with paint and egg tempera. The illustration shows the protagonist Andreas Mahler, and is surrounded by a lot of symbolic elements in relation to the sentence. While the back shows the number of objects that Hannah Kennedy’s work, used to be an art-based play actor.


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