Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi



    All players who have completed Nosferatu know that several flintlock pistols and muskets can be picked up in the game. You can quickly switch between them.

    This helps avoid wasting time reloading single-shot weapons. This trick also works with revolvers. Usually, players get it to save the main character’s uncle or aunt. Not everyone knows that you can get a second, secret revolver.

    Where to find

    Where is the secret place with the second reolver

    Return to the courtyard where the game begins.

    Go to the east wing of the palace.

    Go to the far corner of the warehouse where the column is located.

    Jump onto the platform. It is on the wall near the column.

    Jump on the barrel.

    Climb just above the boards.

    Great work! I think vampires will suck from this point on.



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