Nobody – The Turnaround Release Date Arrives Next Month


If you’ve been waiting for the Nobody – The change announcement of the release date, we have good news for you: the game will launch in the Steam early access program on November 17. It will also launch at a 10% discount and will include the first “playthrough” of its Story Mode, along with its Challenge Mode and Sandbox Mode.

As for the game itself, Nobody – The change is a realistic survival simulator where you will try to survive in a realistic society. Nothing has gone well for you up to this point, and you must carefully manage your time if you want to not only persevere but ultimately prosper. Weather No one It’s not the only super-tough survival sim out there, few take place in the concrete jungle of a city.

This is reflected in the game systems, where your Health and Emotions are important factors in keeping you alive and happy. How? Well, you might have to go through random events, like getting sick from sleeping rough, and it’s up to you to persevere through it all.

To survive, you must be among the fittest.

The game’s Story Mode will have you determine your own destiny within 30 days. This means that you will make decisions that you will eventually regret. In this mode, you won’t have access to various game features such as romance, buying your own house and cars, and gaining access to some of the more advanced career options. You probably can’t become a lawyer, for example.

Challenge Mode will see players play as one of several characters that will come with their own restrictions, needs, and conditions. Helping them fulfill their purpose will unlock new character traits in Sandbox mode, giving you more ways to customize your characters.

As for the Sandbox mode, this mode has the full game unlocked, which means you will be able to choose character traits, your way of life, and your job. Do you want to collect scrap for a living? Go for it. Do you want to start your own business? The world is your oyster.

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