No, you shouldn’t skip Dragon Age Origins to prepare for Veilguard


    While BioWare is pretty good at making each of its games accessible to new players, the Dragon Age series has a lot of story spread across each game that could make the Dragon Age: The Veilguard experience much better for players. new and returning players.

    There has been a lot of discussion online (both about reddit and Twitter) since the release of the game’s reveal, with numerous fans commenting on which Dragon Age games players should play through before The Veilguard officially launches.

    Some players are ready to jump right into the game, and the new skills interface should make The Veilguard better for those who haven’t played a Dragon Age game before; and therefore I haven’t gotten used to the combat styles of the previous games.

    However, in each game, players have been able to import their previous saves. Having your Origins route loaded into Dragon Age II and Dragon Age II loaded into Inquisition affected every game. Your choices are recorded and, back then, were kept safe in the Dragon Age Fortress so you can always access the main path of your game. EA and BioWare will likely continue to allow players to load their previous saves from Keep to customize the story.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition is easily twice the size of Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Origins, which is a lot of game to play if you’re a new Dragon Age player. It also touches on a lot of concepts, like the Gray Wardens and the Templars, which doesn’t help when siding with the Templars or the Wizards is one of the most important decisions you make early in the game. Obviously I sided with the wizards. Who wouldn’t want to meet Dorian first?

    Screenshot via BioWare

    Dragon Age: Origins is an instrumental introduction to the Dragon Age universe. You learn about the Blight, the ongoing war between Templars and Wizards that never quite ended, and what it really means to be a Gray Warden. All of this information (and more) will help you learn the history of Thedas and inform your decisions as you play.

    Since Dragon Age: The Veilguard will include two different factions reminiscent of Dragon Age: Origins, it’s best to play the first DA game if you want to understand what it really means to be a Gray Warden or an Antivan Crow.

    Screenshot via BioWare

    You will also be able to play as different characters in Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the Trespasser DLC. In Veilguard, you cannot play as different characters. I know it’s been years since Dragon Age: Origins was released (almost 15 years, in fact), so the graphics are pretty outdated now, but it’s still a solid game to introduce you to the Dragon Age universe before they are announced. more Veilguard news.

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