No One Lives Under The Lighthouse: Directors Cut Achievement Guide

Just a quick text based achievement guide for the Directors Cut, which means I will only put in those achievements which were reset by the Directors Cut. So I won’t cover the old ones in detail as I already had them before the new update and can’t say for sure how to get them in the new update. I tried to order the achievements when they are unlocked ingame, but that doesn’t completly work, so be aware of that.

old achievements

Again, I won’t cover the old achievements, those which were not reset by the Directors Cut, as I already had them before the new update and can’t say for sure how to get them in the new update. Those are: The Fool, The Magician, The Hermit, Strength, Death, Temperance, The Tower, The Sun, The Major Arcana. However I am quite sure that all of those still have the same unlock conditions, except Death.

And for Death: I have no confirmation on how to get this but the russian guide is saying that you have to fall through the hole together with the monster in the arena.

The Hanged Man

Then, your fate was revealed.

On Day 1 pick up the suitcase, put it in your house and place the medallion on the chest. (This first part might be optional.)

Pick up the key and go in the lighthouse. Fill the can with oil and use it to activate the light but don’t use the crank yet. You might also have to go on the balcony of the lighthouse.

Then leave the lighthouse and go to the shore where you boat was. You will see from far a white silhouette. Approach it.

The High Priestess

You’ve performed the ceremony.

On day 4 pick up the dead seagull on the floor in the house, pick up the shovel in the shed, then go almost in front of the bedroom window of the house. There you can dig a hole with the shovel, put the dead seagull in there and cover it.

The Emperor

As expected, you’ve kept your domain clean.

You always have to clean your house with the brush in days 1-4 AND completly tidy up your house in day 4, which also includes fixing your roof (I think), fixing the shelf with the hammer, collecting all the stuff on the floor (don’t forget one glass under a chair) and placing the chairs in the correct position. You will then get the achievement on day 4 after leaving the clean house if you did everything correctly.

The Star

Then came a sign brought through a blurry vision.

Late in the game when you play in the past (when there is a church on the island) after activating the light of the lighthouse, go at the balcony. After the cutscene go in the shed, pick up the shovel. Then go next to the church. Next to some people should be a grave now you can dig with the shovel. Then open the coffin.

The Chariot

You’ve went through the dangers.

At some point late in the game you will be in some sort of maze where you have to collect 4 medallions to get out while the monster is in there too. For this achievement simply let the monster kill you a few times and then the game will ask you if you want to skip this part. Say yes.

Wheel of Fortune

And yet both your fortune and doom are your own achievement.

Late in the game you will be in an arena with the monster. Instead of jumping through the hole you have to kill the monster with your shotgun. It will need quite a few shots but there are a lot of shells lying on the ground next to skeletons. And you could also find 3 ammo shells in the maze section previously. You reload the shotgun by pressing R and you also have to aim with the right mouse button before you can shoot. I think you can survive 2 hits from the monster and you die from the third hit however there is a checkpoint at the start of the fight.

The best strategy to kill the monster is to make it attack and quickly dodge the attack by running a bit. The monster will then be in the same place for some seconds, giving you a time window for shooting it once. Repeat that multiple times.

You get the shotgun by placing all 4 medallions at the chest in your house which will then open and give you the shotgun, an ammo box and 2 shells. You have to get it on day 4 if you want it, because you can’t later on. You should also place each medallion the day you find it.

The first medellion you can get on day 1 by picking up the suitcase right at the start of the game and put it in your house on the table, the suitcase will open with the medallion inside.

The second one is on day 2 on the shore next to the boat.

The third one is on day 3 behind the lighthouse in a mud pile, you need the shovel to get it.

The fourth one is on day 4. You have to fix your roof (materials for that are in the shed) and tidy up the room inside, then the medallion will lie on the floor.

The Empress

You’ve proved your courage.

Same than Wheel of Fortune achievement but this time don’t get hit by the monster at all. If you do get hit, click on restart level and try again, thank god there is a checkpoint at the start of the fight.


And if you could not – you’ve still held the urge.

Shoot the monster in the arena once, then jump through the hole.

The Moon

You thought you’ve lost the way.

Don’t kill the monster in the arena by simply jumping through the hole. You might get this achievement later on when you get to the Ending or a bit earlier, namely after you killed the keeper while playing as the monster in the arena. Also I did not get the shotgun, don’t know if that’s relevant though, probably not.

The Hierophant

You knew that faith will guide and protect you.

For this one it is necessary to NOT KILL the monster in the arena.

You have to make sure that the cross in the bedroom of the house is always hanging at the wall in the correct position:

-on day 1, the cross will be on the wall, but crooked, so pick it up and put it back at the wall

-right after day 4 when you wake up at the shore in the past, the cross will be under the bed, so take it and put it back on the wall

-later on (after the monster encounter in the arena), you will wake up at the shore, under the boat, this time the cross will be falling from the wall directly in front of you, don’t go too far into the room or a cutscene will trigger the end of this section, again take it and put it back on the wall, the achievement should pop right now

The Lovers

When it called for you, you’ve answered.

For this one it is necessary to NOT KILL the monster in the arena. You will play as the monster later on and have to catch all 3 people you find. So just know where they spawn and where they try to flee and then simply run behind them, pressing shift till you get them.

This section will start as soon as you are outside of the lighthouse playing as the monster.

-The first guy will be in front of you, he will try to run to the house.

-Then you have to go near the shed, at some point the second guy will come out from there, he will try to run to the erea where the church is in the past

-directly afterwards, when you want to leave this erea, the third guy will be directly in front of you, he will try to run to the lighthouse

As soon as you enter the lighthouse and ofc if you got all 3 guys, you get the achievement.

The Devil

Once fallen, you would not allow another one to fall.

For this one it is necessary to NOT KILL the monster in the arena. Later on you will again be in the arena, but this time you play as the monster and have to catch the keeper. For this achievement don’t get hit by the keeper a single time. If you do get hit, it might be possible to still get the achievement if you restart the level, similar to The Empress achievement.

So what you do is run after the keeper (will take a while till you catch him), and when you hear his gun try to dodge it. It’s really not that hard.


Now, when you’ve accepted the burden.

You need the following 6 achievements before you can get this one:

-The Emperor

-The Moon

-The Star

-The Lovers

-Wheel of Fortune

-The Hanged Man

Each of those will light a group of candles when you are in the church. Then instead of going through the main door of the church, go through the hatch which is behind the altar. Pick up the skeleton, then go up the lighthouse and at the balcony where you pick up the shovel. Then go back out of the lighthouse and where the church was. There should be a spot now which you can dig, put in the skeleton and bury him.

The World

The isolation ended.

Right after you got Judgement achievement, go to the shore and interact with the boat twice. Then paddle away.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love No One Lives Under The Lighthouse: Directors Cut Achievement Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Muckelchen, Atd1973, and DarkUnicorn. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.