“No one in the world can keep me alive except Landon.”


    In a stunning upset in the Overwatch League playoffs, the London Spitfire defeated favorites Atlanta Reign 3-0 with an unexpected, yet decisive scoreline, sending the favorites home early.

    Hadi said in the press conference after the match.Hadi“Blengel and Landon”Land onMcGee during the post-match press conference highlighted the team dynamics and tactics that contributed to the win.

    Mind games and coordination.

    During the season and especially for the Play-Ins, Spitfire fought Chet to engage in psychological attacks while trying to outplay their opposition.

    In a match against the San Francisco Shock during the qualifiers, Overwatch Season 5 MVP Kim “appropriate” Dong-hyun was impressed when his team missed the goal, causing his team to lose a round. The Spitfire players were quick to respond in a joking manner and the momentum of the series seemed to change. Scoreline 3-1.

    Once again, Spitfire players lit up the match chat during the playoff matches in Toronto. Hadi opened up about his psychological tactics during matches:I like just staring at the enemy, giving them a little look, talking to them before the game, trying to get into their head. A bit of match chat between rounds that the camera couldn’t see. But not too much, it’s kind of sad. He barely typed back.

    Recalling a particular moment from the first map of the Blizzard world where Hadi found himself isolated, Landon explained, “It is extremely busy with the composition style that we all play with trying to coordinate a plan. Usually, it’s just Hadi yelling ‘Take care of me!’ And then it’s my job to find out where he is and help him

    Hadi further emphasized their harmony, saying:I feel bad for Landon because we’re playing this comp and every time I pull Landon from the seven depths of hell and he has to put a lot of resources into me and still take it. I don’t know how he does it but he does. No one in the world can do it but Landon: pocket me like this, still break, be the perfect lamp, listen to every rotation.

    Future matchups and recognition

    When considering the challenges ahead, Landon expressed his concerns:I think historically Florida Mayhem has always contributed well to our Reinhardt compositions but we’ve done a lot better. I would like to avoid playing them if possible.

    Hadi echoed that sentiment but persisted:If I could pick one to avoid, it’s Florida. But still, I don’t really mind playing them. Almost every team that comes here is a different challenge and they will have a different plan and a different way to defeat the challenge that we face.

    Given the incentive not to practice against direct opposition, the Spitfire’s scrum schedule gave them additional insight into the power level on the other side of the bracket.

    When asked about the lowest ranked team at the event, Hadi said:We always feel confident whenever it’s Zarya Meta because Reinhardt is really good against her. We weren’t at all worried when it was called Meta. But Soraya is pretty good right now and if anyone can make her work, it’s Hanbeen. The most underrated team right now is definitely Dallas.

    The Spitfires are set for a rematch against the Boston Uprising who sent them into the lower bracket of group play during their first match of the competition.


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