No Man’s Sky – How to Find a Sentinel Freighter in Space for War (Interceptor Update)


    This is how I found the Sentinel Freighter for combat in space in the new Interceptor update, hope it helps you!

    Guide to finding Sentinel freighters in space for combat

    Here are the steps I took to find Sentinel Freighter in NMS Interceptor Update.

    There’s probably more than one approach to this, but here’s what works for me.

    First I’ve already explored hostile systems (more than one) and hostile planets, where I battled many new sentinels and collected a resonator for Harmonic Base (2 in total, many battles ). So at this stage I had collected 3 new Sentinel ships, a new gun and a new Aeron Turbo jetpack.

    Not sure if you need to go through all of the above but this was the order that worked for me.

    Once I was in my new Sentinel ship I followed these steps:

    • Wrap up in another invasive system (Calypso is enough in the galaxy).
    • Find another discordant planet.
    • Fly into this planet and start shooting a new group of sentinels.
    • Once they are engaged in the attack, return to your ship and head back into space.
    • It will make singles, doubles and groups of threes to attack you, be prepared!
    • Once there are many waves of attacks, a new sentinel freighter will spawn!
    • Be prepared for them, there will be many waves of sentinel ships attacking you as you try to shoot down the sentinel freighter.

    It will do a countdown from 100% to 0% to be defeated and it will take some time.

    During this time you will be under attack, make sure you have enough resources to repair your ship. good luck!


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