No Man's Sky Frontiers Update + Settlement Guide

How to start your settlement

1- Start the mission (The Settlers) press X and click on Starship Communicator

2- The V’ykeen, Gek or Korvax, they tell you the ubication for the settllement

3- Go to the ubication assigned by V’ykeen, Gek or Korvax

4- Defend the settlement (Sentinelas)

5- Reclaim the settlement (After to defeat the Sentinelas)

6- And start whit your settlement, disputes, agree o disagreed construccion… (Agree: More productivity/ Disagree: Nothing)

-7 Your settlemente has overviews: C, B, A and S… and Population, happiness, productivity, Maintenance Cost and Sentinel Alert Level

8- Agree every disputes, it add more happiness, more prductivity, more status, more everything…

9- Check settlement status often or sometimes.


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