No Man’s Sky Brings 2022’s Limited-Time Expeditions To Switch From Tomorrow


    Image: Hello Games

    No Man’s Sky flew to Switch last month, proving that the “impossible port” is very much possible. Now, as we’ve come to expect from Hello Games, more content will be coming soon, this time in the form of limited-time expeditions of the year that will reappear on our radar.

    Expeditions have been a mainstay of No Man’s Sky since it began in 2021. As a way of giving the game a progression-based twist, the four events that ran throughout 2022 (Exobiology, Blighted, Leviathan, Polestar) have provided great rewards and a closer experience. look how big this game actually is. Hello Games’ announcement that they will be back in the game means that those who played and missed out on certain items before can dive back in, while those of us on Switch will be able to experience Expeditions for the first time.

    Events will continue to have their two-week run time, with the first, Exobiology, starting tomorrow before running one after the other through January 2023. The full schedule is as follows:

    • Expedition 5 (Exobiology): November 24 – December 8
    • Expedition 6 (Blighted): December 8 – December 22
    • Expedition 7 (Leviathan): December 22 – January 5
    • Expedition 8 (Polestar): January 5 – January 18

    With rewards ranging from cosmetic items and robotic companions to giant space jellyfish, expeditions are sure to keep things interesting over the festive period – remember, a robot dog isn’t just for Christmas.

    If you haven’t picked up a copy of No Man’s Sky yet and want to know how it works on the Switch, check out our glowing 9/10 review below.


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