Nintendo Switch 2 render shows off its 2024 design


    Some things in the gaming world were always a certainty – Grand Theft Auto 6, The Last of Us Part 3, and a Nintendo Switch 2. While the idea of a Switch 2/Switch Pro was largely written off as it became clear The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom wouldn’t release on a new-gen console, they’re back with a vengeance.

    Things have kicked into overdrive recently, and although supposed leaked designs have been written off as an elaborate hoax, more and more ‘insiders’ are reporting that Nintendo is looking for a massive boost in profits in 2024 – teasing the arrival of the Nintendo Switch 2. But, what could it look like?

    Nintendo Switch 2 render shows off 2024 console

    It wasn’t long ago that supposed images of the Switch 2 leaked online, and although they were quickly debunked as fake, Yando Design has built an impressive render of what the mythical console could look like. Boasting smaller bezels and completely redesigned Joy-Cons, it’s a beautiful piece of kit.

    As the work of Salvo Lo Cascio and Riccardo Cambò Breccia, the big talking point is the rounded and more ergonomic Joy-Cons. We also get a glimpse of the supposed Switch 2 MAX, which was accidentally teased by Activision Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick and could be a souped-up Switch that boasts the power of a PS4.

    Highlights include an edge-to-edge screen and resigned dock to charge and also work as a HDMI pass-through. Our favourite part is the Easter egg of the speaker grill replicating the waveform of the legendary Super Mario Bros. theme, and if the Switch 2 looks anything like this, we’d be more than happy. 

    When could we hear about the Nintendo Switch 2?

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    Yanko Design

    There were once hopes that the Switch 2 would release in 2023, although Nintendo’s annual financial report had President Shuntaro Furukawa confirm there were no plans for new hardware this fiscal year. This would automatically place the Switch 2 for release after March 2024. 

    Ifs and maybes are doing a lot of the heavy lifting here, as Nintendo has repeatedly downplayed the idea of a Switch 2. Remember, Nintendo has never released a real sequel to any of its consoles, with the Wii U or 3DS overhauling their predecessor. A full-blown successor with “2” in the name would be a new one.

    Aside from questions about a Switch 2 release date, players need to know about backward compatibility with the OG Switch, whether we’ll get an OLED or LCD screen, and (obviously) pricing. We’ve already had two Nintendo Directs in 2023, but with E3 cancelled and the rumours going into overdrive, we’re hoping for an answer soon. 


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