Nintendo refuse to repair products if customers harass its staff


    japan nintendo it will refuse to repair defective products if customers are rude and harass its staff, it has been revealed.

    As reported by VGC, a recently implemented policy states that staff can refuse to repair or replace a product if a customer is deemed to be abusing a Nintendo customer service representative.

    Nintendo Says No!

    The updated policy that went into effect in October 2022 reads: “When making an inquiry about a repaired product, please refrain from using any action (including but not limited to those listed below) that goes beyond what is socially acceptable as a means to fulfill your request.

    He continued: “If we believe that any of these actions has occurred, we may refuse to replace or repair the product. In addition, if the Company deems the conduct to be malicious, it will contact the police, a lawyer, etc. and will take appropriate action.

    Additionally, the policy clarifies that Nintendo may refuse to repair or replace a product if representatives face:

    • Intimidation or threats
    • Insulting or demeaning comments
    • invasion of privacy
    • Excessive demands, such as a free repair when the warranty has expired
    • Demand an apology from Nintendo or its staff without reasonable cause
    • Excessive repetition of the same request or complaint
    • Defamatory comments on social networks or websites

    Nintendo spokesperson responds to repair policy

    Additionally, a Nintendo representative told Japanese media outlet Kyodo News: “We made the decision after concluding that our customers would understand because of the reputation we have built for faithfully responding to them.

    To be fair, it goes without saying that we should be kind to others. Also, no matter how frustrating a situation might be. Also, I am a firm believer that being rude or yelling at customer service staff gets you nowhere. In any case, it can make everyone’s day worse.

    Everyone can be nasty or nice.

    That being said, as someone who spent years behind the counter in retail, some customers can be pretty awful. However, I have also encountered my fair share of rude staff with a lack of understanding of the situation at hand.

    In other words, be nice, treat yourself with respect, and hopefully we’ll all get a positive outcome. Maybe.

    Finally, what are your thoughts on Nintendo of Japan’s stance on customer service? Let us know through our social media channels.

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    Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/Font: CVG via Kyodo News


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