The following article comprises spoilers from Nightwing #96, on sale now.

Nightwing’s conflict towards Blockbuster took a darkish flip when his secret identification was uncovered to him. However, Blockbuster was killed shortly after by Heartless on the finish of Nightwing #96 (by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Caio Filipe, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott). While this appears to place the matter to relaxation, there’s nonetheless a risk that Nightwing’s secret is on the market someplace, a ticking time bomb that would go off on the worst doable second.

Blockbuster is useless, nobody is denying that. However, whereas his empire could have been crumbling round him, he nonetheless had a community at his disposal. In the time between him fleeing and Heartless killing him, there’s a risk that he advised somebody about Nightwing’s true identification. This is not even factoring within the DC Universe’s behavior of resurrecting villains. Blockbuster could very effectively come again to life sooner or later along with his enemy’s biggest secret.

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By the top of the story, issues had been undoubtedly not going Blockbuster’s means. Oracle’s revelation that he had been working one of many metropolis’s worst personal prisons, profiting off the distress of the criminals there, successfully turned his total empire towards him. The factor is, this was solely a neighborhood response. There is not any strategy to inform how rapidly or slowly this information unfold.

It implies that Blockbuster nonetheless had some individuals who had been loyal to him earlier than he was killed. They seemingly would not be loyal for lengthy, one thing that he knew, however a determined man will flip to even the smallest sliver of hope when cornered. He knew there was no means he was getting out of this with out assist, so he would seemingly name upon the huge community that was nonetheless considerably at his disposal, probably leveraging Nightwing’s identification in trade for assist, or maybe even telling them outright as a method of petty revenge.

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Unfortunately for him, Heartless’ arrival stopped any likelihood he had of seeing his work by to the top. This creates one other risk — Heartless was monitoring Blockbuster by the streets. If Blockbuster advised anybody the reality about Nightwing, then Heartless might have overheard it. It’s already been proven that Heartless stalks Dick Grayson, however figuring out that he and Nightwing are one might change the panorama of their battle fully.

He’s been a background participant for some time now, however with Blockbuster gone, he appears intent on claiming town for himself. That in fact will put him on a collision course with Nightwing, and figuring out his secret identification could be invaluable to destroying him. Then once more, there’s all the time the possibility that Blockbuster shall be resurrected. Villains have an unlucky behavior of coming again to life, if he comes again, he may be capable of finish Nightwing as soon as and for all.

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