Nightwing’s New Arsenal Proves He’s Nicer Than Batman


The following article comprises spoilers from Nightwing #97, on sale now.

With Blockbuster useless, the chance to lastly take away his corruption inside Bludhaven’s authorized programs is lastly inside attain. Nightwing and Oracle expedited the method by serving to to safe Boss Maroni for his testimony. In the method, Nightwing #97 (by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Geraldo Borges, Caio Filipe, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott) launched a brand new software to the titular hero’s arsenal within the type of tranquilizer darts.

The concept was to tranquilize Maroni whereas they hid in one in every of Batman’s secret bunkers so Nightwing and Oracle may get a peaceable evening of sleep with out having to fret about what the crime boss would possibly do. This addition although, proves that Nightwing is a far kinder vigilante than Batman is. By tranquilizing his foes, Nightwing gives a fast and simple option to knock them out with out having to harm them too badly.

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Nightwing’s New Weapon Further Distances Him From Batman

Dick Grayson isn’t a fan of the “hard way”. If there’s a option to keep away from bloodshed, he often goes for it. So, it is smart that he would add tranquilizer darts to the devices at his disposal. Quite frankly, it is laborious to provide you with a cause why they have not been carried out sooner. Like all members of the Bat-Family, Nightwing depends closely on stealth to get the job executed. Supplementing that with darts would truly make sneaking into locations lots simpler, or on the very least finish fights faster.

It additionally has the good thing about securing untrustworthy prisoners in a nonviolent manner. Granted, drugging individuals technically violates their rights. However, contemplating that Maroni was positioned underneath Nightwing’s custody in the midst of a shootout between the police and a few criminals, the authorized course of went out the window lengthy earlier than the primary dart was launched.

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Would Batman Approve of Nightwing’s Strategy?

In comparability to Batman, this makes Nightwing rather more light. With Batman, he’d most likely choke the legal in query out, and even knock them out with a single punch. Batman hardly ever thinks a legal deserves a mild contact. However, he is not a sadist, so it is possible that he would approve of this methodology of retaining lawbreakers underneath management. It’s fast, efficient, and permits his protégé to get some relaxation. It’s laborious to think about what argument he may make in opposition to utilizing them.

It additionally highlights Nightwing’s compassion in direction of his fellow man, even those that do not deserve it. This is one thing that may be seen earlier within the challenge when he was upset that Blockbuster was executed. He needed the crime lord to face justice, even when that meant his secret received uncovered. This incident with the tranquilizer simply builds upon that. Nightwing would not need individuals to undergo, even when they deserve it, and by including this to his arsenal, he continues to show why he’s thought-about the sunshine throughout the Bat-Family.

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