NieR:Automata™ How To Fix Stuttering On Windows 7 And 10

This is a guide to fix the stutters on Windows 7 or 10 even if you have the FAR mod installed.

Stuttering even with FAR mod? FIX HERE!

1 – Install the FAR mod

NieR:Automata™ How To Fix Stuttering On Windows 7 And 10

Tweaks & Special K (FAR) 

A Guide for NieR:Automata™

By: Aemony

Includes quick links to Special K (FAR) and other relevant mods.

Credits: Aemony

2 – Do this configuration

Credits: gpp

(also thanks to ᴡ ᴇ ʜ ᴢ ʏ ‘ꜰᴛᴘ)

Originally posted by gpp:

In game settings


Full Screen = yes

V-Sync = no

AA = off

Filter = 2x

FAR settings


Native bloom = on

Native AO = on

Global Illumination = high (low if you have a low end pc)

Remove 60 FPS cap = off

Busy wait capped FPS = off

Framerate limit = off

Sleepless render thread = on

Sleepless window thread = on

Also in the D3D 11 Settings (this is important)

In Texture management

Texture cacheing = on

Ignore Textures without MipMaps = off

Cache Staged Texture Uploads = off

Cache Size (Shared with system RAM) 8192MB [higher = better]

# Note – for the texture cache to work, you will need 8GB system RAM or more!

Be sure you’re using the latest build of FAR.

link for full version:

3 – The most important step

TheSeek told me this:

Originally posted by TheSeek:

When using FAR, Windows Fullscreen Optimization can cause this issue.

Go to the game install folder, right click on the game executable (nierautomata.exe), and in properties check “Disable fullscreen optimizations”.

Credits: TheSeek

By doing all of this, I can finally play this game without any issue on Windows 10. I hope you can too.

Special thanks to everyone who helped and to every user mentioned in this guide.

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