Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch™ Remastered Treats And Stats

A quick guide to treats: stat increases, the fullness meter, and familiar favorites.


Treats are items that you can use in your creature cage to feed your familiars and increase one of their six stats by varying amounts. You can get them after a battle, from side quests, in chests, or you can purchase them at vendors.

Feeding your familiars will increase their fullness meter, up to a maximum of ten. The only penalty to this is that you won’t be able to feed them more until they get hungry again. With every fight, the meters decrease by one.

Treat Types

There are six types of treats, one for every stat. Each genus has a favorite treat, which will boost the stat gain it gets from eating. You can check Chapter 5 of your Wizard’s Companion to determine the genus of your familiar if it isn’t readily apparent.


Increases Attack

Favored by: Dracones, Milites


Increases Defense

Favored by: Automata, Flora


Increases Magical Attack

Favored by: Arcana, Mortui, Nymphae


Increases Magical Defense

Favored by: Daemonia, Vermes


Increases Accuracy

Favored by: Aquatica, Minima, Nobilia

Ice Cream

Increases Evasion

Favored by: Aves, Bestia

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