New World Storage Tips

If you’re running into storage issues storing a few thousand ores or lumber, or you end up with 6k gold ore while you’re trying to farm gems, and don’t have the flux to turn it into ingots, just post it onto the auction house for 2x-3x the market value. It will ensure it doesn’t sell, while letting you store it here for up to a month (28 days i think?). I often just use the 7 day one.

Alternatively if you wanted to transfer stacks of materials between settlements but the weight is encumbering you and won’t let you, just cancel the trade post listing in any settlement and it will auto deposit into your LOCAL inventory.

Just something I’ve been abusing since I like to do most of my crafting in 1-2 settlements but constantly run into issues maxing my storage.

200-400 cost in Azoth reduced to under 50 and maybe upwards of 40-50g in fees to post it, but that’s negligible in my opinion compared to the standard methods.

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