New World Quadruple Regen

Just thought I would share a tip that has helped keep me alive so far without dying once.

Introduction / Basic Idea

New World Quadruple Regen

So you want to live a little longer amidst the heat of combat where certain doom is inevitable? Look no further as I have a tip that may help you in these situations so you don’t have to prepare to die.

You will become a very happy golden helmeted warrior and your smile will be bright!

Food and potions to be used

First get the highest quality level food you can eat or whatever it is you use to heal a lot and put it in your number 4 consumable slot. Once you have done that take whatever is right under that quality level but make sure it is not the energizing kind and put it in the number 3 slot. Energizing will give you the mana buff and will cancel out the single active regen so that is no good. A good example on what food to go with for starters is Travel Ration (slot 3) and Light Meal (slot 4). In the 5th slot you will add a regen potion of choice and then finally in the 6th your largest heal potion.

You may think that you can have yet another more powerful regen potion in slot 6 and get QUINTUPLE R3G3NX0RZ!!!111~~ but I tried and the potions are a shared cooldown. Anyway that might be a little overkill because by the time you get to the 6th slot some of your regens would come close to expiring and it would have been better just to do some damage to the enemies instead.

New World Quadruple Regen


New World Quadruple Regen
New World Quadruple Regen

You should probably select better potions from the images provided imo… that may keep you alive longer. Drink up!

What to do!

So you may already know where this is going… well it wasn’t really explained in the game or maybe it didn’t need to be but by consuming food more than once, using slot 3 – 5 one after the other, you will also in turn gain not just two but three beneficial regen buffs so it should look something like this:

New World Quadruple Regen

The main food buff lasts the longest here out of all the regens and 30 minutes so much longer than the others that are only 20 seconds.

Slot 6 with a health potion will act as an emergency instant heal when needed.

The point in having the better food item in slot 4 is since it is used lastly of the food consumables it will leave you with that last food item buff instead of the weaker one; the last applied wins out.

Parting words of chicken

Now you can keep living a bit longer with this helpful tip of four active regens tickin’ down to keep you up! It’s not just for getting out of hairy situations but also grinding large groups of mobs and knowing you won’t die immediately.

In short, I hope this info has helped others that may have just overlooked how you can maximize survivability while stacking food with a regen potion and remember…. chicken is delicious.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love New World Quadruple Regen that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank puNDuKE. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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