New World Crafting Station Power Leveling Tool

This tool provides a very large variety of information to make informed choices during your station leveling journey.


– Lists every repeatable craftable item in the game.

– Allows you to input the quantity of an item you want and provides you with the total raw or refined resources required.

– You can manually input your current crafting station level and the level you wish to raise it to and it will automatically tell you all resources required to gain those levels.

– Easily compare several items to determine which is the most efficient to craft for you and which gives the best xp per resource.

– Find out ore vein and harvestable item density based on each region of the map.

– Includes video and written instructions for use.

Use link provided below for access.

Tradesman’s Bible CH 2 – EXP & Resources Tool

New World Crafting Station Power Leveling Tool

Use this link to access the guide.[] You must select File > Make a Copy in order to make any changes or selections.



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