New World Basic Game Guide For New Players

Controls and user interface

Most of the controls are self explanatory, but there are a few things you may miss.

  • To salvage your items, select them and press the ‘S’ key
  • Hold left control to self cast – this allows you to heal yourself with the Life Staff
  • Press ‘U’ in a settlement or safe area to flag yourself for PvP
  • Press ‘Y’ to pick out a spot for your camp; press ‘E’ to build it

It is recommended enabling the gameplay setting ‘show extra ability cooldowns’, as this brings up a radial timer in the centre of the screen to show you when your skills are available again.

Storage and crafting

Each time you return to the settlement, store your resources in the storage shed. As you craft in that particular settlement, you automatically use the resources from the storage shed in that town. However, if you travel to a different settlement, your resources will be left behind, although, if both settlements are under your faction’s control, you can transfer your storage to another allied settlement for a fee.

You can increase the weight you can carry in your inventory by equipping a satchel. These can be made at Outfitting Stations using the armoring skill. I recommend you make a ‘coarse leather adventurer’s satchel’ as soon as possible. They require 45 coarse leather, 25 linen, and 10 iron ingots.

You can convert common crafting materials into one another using common material converters from the faction shop. In the beta, it was actually more efficient to buy crossweave from the trading post and convert it to whatever common crafting ingredient you needed, as crossweave was the cheapest common crafting material – this may still be the case.

Trying to figure out how to make linen? First, you need to find hemp, so bring up your map and select ‘resource locations’ on the left – you’ll be able to see the types of areas in which hemp spawns. Harvest the hemp with your sickle, and then turn your fibres into linen at the loom.

As you level your gathering abilities, you become able to track certain items – the higher level you are in each skill, the further away you can detect them.

Free resources, like milk and leather, are available daily from every settlement your faction controls.

You can check all trade posts from any single trade post, so you can decide if it’s worth making the journey to another settlement to get the best price.

If you’re wondering how to make fish filets in New World, this couldn’t be more simple – salvage a fish in your inventory. There’s also a chance to get fish oil from salvaged fish.

Equipment and combat

Everyone starts with a sword and shield equipped, but when you decide to try out some new weapons, you’re probably going to leave that shield strapped to your back. This actually doesn’t do anything for you except increase your equip load. Your equip load is what determines the class of armour you’re wearing, and each class offers different benefits:

  • Light – rolling dodge, 20% damage bonus
  • Normal – sidestep dodge, 10% damage bonus, 10% crowd control
  • Heavy – slow sidestep dodge, +20% crowd control, 15% blocking

If you’re after the best gear, I recommend equipping faction gear, as it’s relatively easy to get hold of. If you’re completing several PvP quests at once, though, keep an eye on your faction tokens – there’s a cap of 3000 tokens initially until you unlock a higher cap, so make sure to buy enough to keep yourself below this cap, even if you can’t equip it yet.

There are five different enemy types in the game, and nine damage types. Here’s how they all interact:

Ancients: -15%Slash +20%Strike -40%Fire +15%Void +30%Lightning

Corrupted: +20%Thrust -15%Strike -40%Ice +15%Nature +30%Arcane

Angry Earth: +20%Slash -15%Thrust -30%Fire -40%Lightning

The Lost: -15%Thrust +10%Strike +15%Ice +30%Nature -40%Void

Beasts: +20%Thrust

If your weapon has a gem slot, you can convert the type of damage your weapon does by equipping New World gems.

As you fight enemies, you can tell how effective your damage is by the colour of the number that comes up:

  • Blue means reduced damage
  • White means no modifier
  • Yellow means increased damage
  • Orange means critical hit

While you’re out and about questing, it is recommended eating regularly to receive the ‘well fed’ status, which heals you over time.

The Camp

You can set up a camp anywhere outside of a landmark region. You’ll be able to respawn at your camp if you die, and you can also heal and cook at the camp – once you unlock a higher level of camp, you can unlock better recipes for on the go.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your leveling tab – that’s where you receive quests to upgrade your camp once you reach the appropriate level threshold.

Azoth – how to fast travel in New World

Azoth is a powerful mineral with a few uses:

  • It allows you to fast travel – the cost of this depends on your weight limit and if your faction is in control of the territory.
  • Crafting – you can infuse your items with Azoth while crafting them to increase their gear score and chance of perks or gem slots.

You will receive Azoth as you complete the main quest, but it’s not readily available, so don’t spend your Azoth carelessly – it’s worth saving up and using strategically.

You can also fast travel to inns that you have checked into for free once an hour.

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