New Steam Deck Beta Update Released by Valve


Steam Deck maker Valve recently released a new beta update for its popular portable PC platform. Since its first release in early 2022, Valve has continued to release routine patches for the Steam Deck to improve certain aspects of the device. And while this new update doesn’t bring with it a huge number of tweaks, it does include a few tweaks that should make a lot of owners happy.

Available to download right now, the latest Steam Deck update includes a couple of notable changes. Perhaps most notably, Valve has now added a feature that allows Steam Deck users to skip the startup animation seen when booting up the deck for the first time. While this video was previously unskippable, users can now skip it by simply pressing the B button.

Beyond this, Valve also added the ability to view system information, such as serial and model numbers, within the Steam Deck settings. Lastly, a couple of other fixes for various Steam Deck related issues have also been fixed with this patch.

If you want to find a full list of the changes included in this new Steam Deck update, you can find them below.


  • Added the ability to see what components are in your Steam Deck (click the “Model/Serial Numbers” button in Settings => System).
  • Added the ability to skip the startup movie by pressing B
  • Added support for Games to Play Together feature
  • Automatic spell checking enabled for store and library search results
  • Fixed a case where audio would play silently even though the volume was set to high
  • Improved responsiveness to changes in the local network connection
  • Removed “Connecting to Steam…” delay when launching a game without any local network connection

steam inlet

  • Added support for user created virtual menu icons by placing them in the ~/.steam/steam/tenfoot/resource/images/library/controller/binding_icons folder
  • Added support for HORI Fighting Commander OCTA (Xbox Series X and PS versions)
  • Added support for Qanba Drone Arcade Stick
  • Improved support for third-party PS3/PS4/PS5 controllers

remote playback

  • Fixed crash when performance graph is enabled with some languages

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